French Colonization and Vietnam 1858-1954


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Monsignor Jose Sanjurio Dia
On July 20, 1857, The Bishop of Tonkin was beheaded.
Emperor Napoleon III
In 1858, he had authorized a naval expedition, acting on the beheading of the Bishop of Tonkin.
The real driving force behind French colonialism.
French Indochina
Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam
French bureaucrats and governors
Authority to rule over what the French conquered.
Sino-French War
In 1884-1885, conflicts between the French and Chinese involving Indochina arose. This lead to what war?
In order to obtain the country's natural resources
The French had to build a cross-country railway, joining Saigon, Hanoi, and Southern China. Why was this done?
The upper class and the peasants
Society was divided into two halves.
On October of 1893
Laos was then made a part of the Indochinese Union.
The Lumpier Brothers
They created videos that became powerful tool in the 'civilizing mission' of France, throughout Indochina.
Ho Chi Minh
In 1920, He helped found the Communist Party.
Guerrilla Warfare
In World War II, What military tactic did Ho Chi Minh use against the Japanese army?
By invading Laos
How did Vietnamese place a major burden on the French forces?
Dien Bien Phu
Where did the French try to draw their enemy into a crucial battle?
On July 20, 1954
When did the French admit defeat, leading to the Geneva Accords being signed?