Unit 4

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Annul (a nnul')
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Annul (a nnul')
to reduce to nothing: to make inelteclive or inoperative, to declare legally invalid or void
Blasè (bals'e)
(adj.) indifferent, bored as a result of having enjoyed many pleasures; apathetic
bolster (bol'ster)
(v.) to support, give a boost to; (n.) a long pillow or cushion; a supporting post
deplore (de plore')
(v.) to feel or express regret or disapproval
frivolous (friv'e Lous)
(adj.) of little importance, not worthy of serious attention; not meant seriously
muster (mus'ter)
(v.) to bring together for service or battle; to gather or summon; to amount to, comprise, include; (n.) a list of men for military service; a gathering, accumulation
nonentity (non en' ti ty)
a person or thing of no importance
Obsess (obs ess')
To trouble
Ornate (or nate')
(adj.) elaborately decorated; showily splendid
oust (oust')
(v.) to remove, drive out of a position or place
peruse (pe ruse')
(v.) to read thoroughly and carefully
porous (por'ous)
(adj.) full of tiny holes; able to be penetrated by air or water
promontory (prom' on tor y)
(n.) a high point of land extending into water
prone ( prone)
lying face down
qualm (qualm)
(n.) a pang of conscience, uneasiness, misgiving, or doubt; a feeling of faintness or nausea