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Which term means to turn a computer on?


What is the font size measured in?


What is an important tip when making a powerful slide presentation?

remember your goal and support the main idea

What is the hard drives main function?

storing information

What holds data for computers on a network?


What is it called to correct a problem with a computer program?


What is used to acess information with a search engine?


What is a result of a virus?

files become corrupted

What is a unique identifier for each field in a database?


What is the combination of text, graphics, sound and other types of data?


What stores data on a magnetic disk?


What is used to identify the type of file format?

file extension

What is the greatest threat to individuals created by the rise of the internet?


What is a microphone used to input?


What can be a source of a virus?

files downloaded from the internet

What is a collection of ready to use graphics?

clip art

What is a commonly used function in Excel?


What is the most common type of hyperlink on a webpage?


Which operating system is used on most PC's?

microsoft windows

What type of menu is chosen from the menu bar?

pull-down menu

What is a benefit of compressing graphic files?

the file is smaller and uses less disk space

What prevents outsiders from accessing an intranet?


What feature lets you see how a document will look on paper before it is printed?

print preview

What is it called when you are asked to provide a username and password?


Which device can copy a printed image and convert it into digital format for use on a computer?


A file extension usually contains a period followed by how many letters or numbers?


What is displayed in a browsers status bar if you are visiting a secure site?

locked padlock icon

What type of law protects people's intellectual property from being misused by others?


A floppy disk is a flexible, magnetically coated piece of what?


What is the overall purpose of presentation software?

to provide visual aids for an audience

What does it mean to work with more than one computer application at a time?


What should you do when you no longer need information stored on a hard drive?

delete it

Netscape Navigator an Internet Explorer are examples of what kind of program?

web browser

To be usable by a computer, what form must sound be in?


What is the resolution that a graphic is viewed on a computer monitor?

72 ppi

What database feature lets you view only one record at a time?


What type of image can you insert into a powerpoint presentation?


What are the settings called that a program automatically uses unless you change them?


To find specific information in a database, what should you run?

a query

How can you protect yourself in case of a hard drive crash?

back up your data

What is the most basic device for inputting sound?


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