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  1. What is an office visit as defined by Springchart
  2. Typically contains medical office's most common procedures & diagnosis codes & descriptions for the purpose of recording the physicians selections & billing
  3. User may search for a new diagnosis in the ICD-9 database by
  4. NGC
  5. What is a blood test compound that is subject to its own specific chemical analysis
  1. a Code and description
  2. b An encounter with a medical provider in which the patients cheif complaints, body systems, vitals, physical exam diagnoses and medications are reviewed and documented
  3. c Super bill
  4. d Lab Analyte
  5. e National Guideline Clearinghouse

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  1. Lab, Imaging and Medical Tests
  2. Highlighting the abnormal results in a colored bar
  3. Routing Slip
  4. Reference labs
  5. Disease management, Routine preventive health care standards and Wellness health care standards

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  1. What is used as the means to identify common medical proceduresThe CPT codes


  2. Why is the superbill an ideal place to store wellness screening administrative codesOther E&M codes


  3. What does accessing the Rx button displayPractice Guidelines


  4. E&M coder stands for whatA blood test compound that is subject to its own specific chemical analysis


  5. The super bill may display procedures and codes such asOther E&M codes