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  1. What are specific documents that provide a road map to guide all who are involved with a patient's care, outlining the appropriate treatment to insure the optimal outcome
  2. Typically contains medical office's most common procedures & diagnosis codes & descriptions for the purpose of recording the physicians selections & billing
  3. NGC
  4. What type of dictionary does SpringCharts provide for drugs/medications
  5. When a test is ordered where is it stored in springchart
  1. a The AMA dictionary
  2. b Super bill
  3. c National Guideline Clearinghouse
  4. d Care Plans
  5. e Pending tests

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  1. Identify Patient
  2. Chief Complaints
  3. Code and description
  4. Disease management, routine preventive health care standards and wellness healh care standards
  5. Electronic Data Interchange

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  1. E&M coder stands for whatDatabases of approved medications in durg therapy categories


  2. Specific lab companies that transmit electronic data to spring charts using HL7 language & protocolsAn encounter with a medical provider in which the patients cheif complaints, body systems, vitals, physical exam diagnoses and medications are reviewed and documented


  3. In SpringCharts, the term "test" refers toLab, Imaging and Medical Tests


  4. What is a match choice task that SpringLabs will automatically match an imported test with a patients pending testMatch test


  5. What is another name for care plansA blood test compound that is subject to its own specific chemical analysis