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  1. E&M coder stands for what
  2. What is a spring charts add-on feature that provides pre-built office visits notes, orders, and letters, as well as popup test for specific specialists
  3. The super bill may display procedures and codes such as
  4. What is a blood test compound that is subject to its own specific chemical analysis
  5. In SpringCharts, the term "test" refers to
  1. a Lab Analyte
  2. b Other E&M codes
  3. c The Evaluation & Management coder
  4. d Lab, Imaging and Medical Tests
  5. e The Template Ware Module

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  1. Super bill
  2. Disease management, Routine preventive health care standards and Wellness health care standards
  3. Reference labs
  4. Match test
  5. Disease management, routine preventive health care standards and wellness healh care standards

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  1. What is used as the means to identify common medical proceduresThe CPT codes


  2. What feature contains the procedure and diagnosis codes and descriptions that were selected in the office visit and are used for billingRouting Slip


  3. When a test is ordered where is it stored in springchartPending tests


  4. Who must review test results before they are stored in a patients chartPending tests


  5. User may search for a new diagnosis in the ICD-9 database byCode and description


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