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  1. AMA
  2. What type of dictionary does SpringCharts provide for drugs/medications
  3. BMI
  4. What is a spring charts add-on feature that provides pre-built office visits notes, orders, and letters, as well as popup test for specific specialists
  5. Specific lab companies that transmit electronic data to spring charts using HL7 language & protocols
  1. a The Template Ware Module
  2. b The AMA dictionary
  3. c Body Mass Index
  4. d Reference labs
  5. e American Medical Association

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  1. Spring Labs
  2. Disease management, Routine preventive health care standards and Wellness health care standards
  3. The NGC website
  4. An information window from the patient's chart related to allergies and other sensitivities
  5. Electronic Data Interchange

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  1. If there are any abnormalities in the test results, how does SpringCharts alert the physicianPending tests


  2. What is an office visit as defined by SpringchartAn encounter with a medical provider in which the patients cheif complaints, body systems, vitals, physical exam diagnoses and medications are reviewed and documented


  3. Who must review test results before they are stored in a patients chartPending tests


  4. E&M coder stands for whatThe Evaluation & Management coder


  5. what are drug formulariesDatabases of approved medications in durg therapy categories