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  1. What type of dictionary does SpringCharts provide for drugs/medications
  2. Who must review test results before they are stored in a patients chart
  3. What is another name for care plans
  4. What feature contains the procedure and diagnosis codes and descriptions that were selected in the office visit and are used for billing
  5. What are specific documents that provide a road map to guide all who are involved with a patient's care, outlining the appropriate treatment to insure the optimal outcome
  1. a Care Plans
  2. b Routing Slip
  3. c The AMA dictionary
  4. d A physician
  5. e Practice Guidelines

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  1. The NGC website
  2. Lab, Imaging and Medical Tests
  3. The Evaluation & Management coder
  4. Reference labs
  5. Pending tests

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  1. The super bill may display procedures and codes such asOther E&M codes


  2. What is a history & physical reportDocumentation of a patients medical history combined with the physical exam


  3. User may search for a new diagnosis in the ICD-9 database byPending tests


  4. What feature provides the capability of automatically receiving lab test results directly from the reference lab by using EDI standards and protocols over an internet connectionSpring Labs


  5. SOAPSubjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan