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  1. AMA
  2. What are specific documents that provide a road map to guide all who are involved with a patient's care, outlining the appropriate treatment to insure the optimal outcome
  3. What is the medical note added subsequent to the original note that will supplement the clinical information
  4. What feature contains the procedure and diagnosis codes and descriptions that were selected in the office visit and are used for billing
  5. What is a spring charts add-on feature that provides pre-built office visits notes, orders, and letters, as well as popup test for specific specialists
  1. a Routing Slip
  2. b American Medical Association
  3. c Care Plans
  4. d The Template Ware Module
  5. e Addendum

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  1. Other E&M codes
  2. The AMA dictionary
  3. Code and description
  4. Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan
  5. An information window from the patient's chart related to allergies and other sensitivities

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  1. What website holds numerous medical treatment plans containing objective detail oriented clinical info for physicians nurses & other medical staffThe NGC website


  2. Why is the superbill an ideal place to store wellness screening administrative codesOther E&M codes


  3. What feature provides the capability of automatically receiving lab test results directly from the reference lab by using EDI standards and protocols over an internet connectionSpring Labs


  4. What is used as the means to identify common medical proceduresDocumentation of a patients medical history combined with the physical exam


  5. BMIAmerican Medical Association