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Prehistoric People of Colorado

Ice Age
The period 15,000 years ago when large parts of Asia and North America were covered with ice.
A tool the Clovis people used to help them throw a spear with more force.
A room that was used by men and boys for religious ceremonies.
Plainview People
Were an early group of people who lived in eastern Colorado.
Pit houses
These were made by digging a hole in the ground and the sides of these dwellings were made of poles and dried mud.
Is a person who studies about people who lived long ago.
These were towns that were built on the tops of mesas and the buildings looked like apartment houses.
Is the tendon or part of the animal that holds the muscle to the bone.
Ancient one; ancient enemies; ancient ancenstors
What Anasasi means.
Nomadic (nomads)
People who move around a lot in search of food.
Developmental Pueblo Period
750-1100 A.D. ~ began to build pueblos
Basketmaker Period
1-400 A.D. ~ settled in caves and began to plant crops; used baskets to carry things and cook their food
Great or Classic Pueblo Period
1100-1300 A.D. ~ houses built with stones and adobe mortar
Modified Basketmaker Period
400-750 A.D. ~ began using pottery; farming became more important