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  1. Earlier and later
  2. Norming
  3. Estimated cost at completion, total baseline at completion, cumulative earned value to date, cost performance index, cumulative actual cost to date
  4. Set a baseline plan
  5. 12)???An Earned Value System used to monitor project progress includes comparisons of:
  1. a EACf = ((BAC-EV)/CPI)+AC
  2. b Sam is the coach of a high school soccer team and has noticed that some close relationships have formed as well as feelings of camaraderie and shared responsibilities for the team's success. Which stage of development is the team in ?
  3. c Step #1 in the Project Control Process for measuring and evaluating project performance is to X
  4. d The cost impact of a risk event occuring as a project proceeds through its cycle tends to be less if the event occurs X then Y
  5. e 12)???An Earned Value System used to monitor project progress includes comparisons of:
    a) Actual costs vs baseline budget
    b) Schedule progress vs. baseline plan
    c) Quality progress vs plan
    d) A and B are correct
    e) A, B and C are all correct.

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  1. What method of variance tells us if the work accomplished costs more or less than was planned at any point over the life of the project: X
  2. According to the text, the chances of risk event occurring are greatest during the X phase(s) of the project.
  3. An uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, had positive or negative effect on project objectives is termed X
  4. An index value less than (<1) indicates that the project is X or Y
  5. Roger is new-product manager for a retail company. Recently the team exhibited a degree of conflict over who will control the group and how decisions will be made: X

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  1. Time phasing of work packagesThe baseline project budget PV is derived from X


  2. Time and resourceWhich of the following data are required to assess the current status of a project using the earned-value cost/schedule system?


  3. Resource smoothingDelaying noncritical activities to lower peak demand on resources is known as resource X


  4. EV/ACThe Cost Performance Index will measure the most efficiency of the work accomploshed to date. How is it calculted? X


  5. Least (minimum) slackOne difference between project management and project leadership is that good management includes: Monitoring X against Y