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  1. iconoclast
  2. plethora
  3. judicious
  4. chrysalis
  5. mnemonic
  1. a a person who attacks popular beliefs
  2. b the stage between an insect's larval and adult stages when it is enclosed in a cocoon
  3. c improving the ability to recall
  4. d an excess or surplus
  5. e wise and careful, showing sound judgement

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  1. to place side by side
  2. to deceive, delude, or mislead
  3. To free from blame or a charge
  4. To sympathize, show sorrow or pity for
  5. payment or reward

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  1. ostracizeto send into exile


  2. refractoryempty or vacant


  3. officiousmeddlesome, nosy, intrusive


  4. admonishunselfish concern for the welfare of others


  5. tangentialnot closely related