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  1. supercilious
  2. enervate
  3. puerile
  4. legerdemain
  5. nomenclature
  1. a a cleverly executed trick or deception
  2. b haughty, proud, scornful
  3. c to drain of energy
  4. d a system of names in a science or art
  5. e childish and immature

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  1. to send into exile
  2. marked by favorable circumstances
  3. greedy, hungry, unsatisfied
  4. Passing, temporary, fleeting
  5. conversational, used in spoken language

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  1. lethargyan excess or surplus


  2. mnemonicimproving the ability to recall


  3. altruismunselfish concern for the welfare of others


  4. equanimityto change from one form into another


  5. effaceeasy, easily done