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  1. vacuous
  2. ubiquitous
  3. circuitous
  4. remuneration
  5. admonish
  1. a following an extended course
  2. b empty or vacant
  3. c to warn of fault or error
  4. d seeming to exist everywhere at the same time
  5. e payment or reward

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  1. Charitable, benevolent, humane
  2. fully or richly supplied
  3. an excess or surplus
  4. marked by favorable circumstances
  5. pertaining to country life

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  1. approbationofficial approval or acceptance


  2. abrogateTo abolish by legal or authoritative action


  3. insatiablegreedy, hungry, unsatisfied


  4. ostracizeto send into exile


  5. puerilechildish and immature