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  1. heterodox
  2. contrition
  3. aver
  4. nomenclature
  5. goad
  1. a having an opinion different from the accepted opinion
  2. b a system of names in a science or art
  3. c to urge into action
  4. d Remorse, penitence, repentance
  5. e to state positively

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  1. payment or reward
  2. characterized by lofty language
  3. to belittle or discredit
  4. amusing, humorous, comical
  5. Charitable, benevolent, humane

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  1. ubiquitousseeming to exist everywhere at the same time


  2. idiosyncrasya peculiarity, an identifying trait


  3. auspiciousdeep, full, and rich in sound


  4. opulentTalkative, talking much and easily


  5. castigateto clear from blame