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  1. enervate
  2. paradigm
  3. iconoclast
  4. plethora
  5. auspicious
  1. a an example, model, or pattern
  2. b marked by favorable circumstances
  3. c to drain of energy
  4. d a person who attacks popular beliefs
  5. e an excess or surplus

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  1. payment or reward
  2. bad beyond correction or reform
  3. free, given without charge
  4. to avoid, shun, abstain from
  5. lying down on the back

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  1. proclivityan inclination or liking


  2. chrysalisthe stage between an insect's larval and adult stages when it is enclosed in a cocoon


  3. facileeasy, easily done


  4. abstruseunselfish concern for the welfare of others


  5. legerdemaina cleverly executed trick or deception


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