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  1. idiosyncrasy
  2. admonish
  3. plethora
  4. vindictive
  5. incessant
  1. a to warn of fault or error
  2. b an excess or surplus
  3. c a peculiarity, an identifying trait
  4. d constant, continuous, unceasing
  5. e seeking or wanting revenge

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  1. to deceive, delude, or mislead
  2. an inclination or liking
  3. a harsh, jarring sound
  4. Lack of energy, sluggishness, dullness
  5. following an extended course

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  1. remunerationpayment or reward


  2. dissembleA predicament or difficult problem


  3. altruismunselfish concern for the welfare of others


  4. officiouswise and careful, showing sound judgement


  5. subterfugea deception or trick