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Access Chapter 1

Matching and Multiple Choice
An organized collection of facts about people, events, things, or ideas related to a specific topic.
Facts about people, events, things, or ideas.
Data that is organized in a useful manner.
Flat database
A simple database file that is not related or linked to any other collection of data.
The database object that stores the data, and which is the foudnation of an Access database.
A table row that contains all of the categories of data pertaining to one person, place, thing, event, or idea.
A single piece of information that is stored in every record and represented by a column in a table.
First principle of good database design
A principle stating that data is organized in tables so that there is no redundant data.
Second principle of good database design
A principle stating that techniques are used to ensure the accuracy of data entered into a table.
The process of applying design rules and principles to ensure that a database performs as expected.
Common field
A field in one or more tables that stores the same data.
The basic parts of a database; for example tables, forms, queries, and reports.
Navigation Pane
The window area that organizes the database objects and from which you open objects.
Object window
The window area that displays each open object on its own tab.
The action of filling a database with records.
Datasheet view
The Access view that displays data in columns and rows like an Excel worksheet is:
Data type
The characteristic that defines the kind of data you can enter into a field is the:
Record selector box
The box at the left of a record in Datasheet view that you click to select an entire record is the:
To add on to the end of an object, such as to add records to the end of an existing table, is to:
Field properties
Characteristics of a field that control how the field displays and how data is entered are:
Primary key
The field that uniquely identifies a record in a table is known as the:
The underlying design of a table is referred to as the:
The object that retrieves specific data and then displays only the data that you specify is a:
The object that displays fields and records from a table or query in a printable format is a:
Information repeated in a database in a manner that indicates poor design is said to be: