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psychosomatic illness

mind plays a role in causing an actual physical illness (ulcer and migraine)


mental illness where one has trouble adjusting to environment (depression, anxiety, day dreams, panic attack, o.c.d, s.a.d)


what mental illness where one has trouble adjusting to environment is most common?


mental illness where one loses touch with reality, paranoia, schizophrenia, multiple personalities, bipolar, ptsd


intense irrational fear

good stress

encourages your growth with challenges you can meet (goal setting)

bad stress

paralyzes you and prevents your growth


prepares for action (fight vs. flight; fight instinct)


body tries to return to normal (flight instinct)


body's defense mechanisms get worn down, mental and physical illness


guidelines that determine what is important to you and how you lead your life

love, anger, fear

what are the 3 basic emotions?


inborn drives or needs


a mental illness where one has trouble adjusting to environment, the most common

self concept/self esteem

a large factor in mental health which involves how you see yourself

warning signs of suicide,

acting depressed, become a loner, change in sleep or eating habits, asks questions about life after death, gives away possessions, loses interest in schoolwork, begins to smoke, drink, use drugs, drastic change in behavior

helping someone who is going to commit suicide

listen to the person, don't be judgmental, don't downgrade their problems, inform others of your concerns, point out that death is final, don't challenge them in an attempt to shock them out of idea

physical needs

hunger, thirst, sleep, shelter, safety

emotional needs

love, belonging, personal value, esteem

asethetic needs

learning, appreciate beauty, need for order/balance

physical needs

what comes on bottom maslow's heirarchy of needs?

emotional needs

what comes second from bottom on maslow's heirarchy of needs?

asethetic needs

what comes third on maslow's heirarchy of needs? (from bottom)

self actualization needs

reach or strive for full potential, being the best we can be, do what we are capable of doing, and do it as well as we can

self actualization needs

what is on the top of maslow's heirarchy of needs?

problem solving steps

identify problem, identify all of possible choices, consider or evaluate consequences of each possible choice, select the best choice and act, evaluate the results of your choice

ordinary stress

everyday stresses (tests, games, relationships)

short term stress

intense but get over it quickly

chronic stress

a series of shocks which are not quickly solved, (school, jobs, marriage)

3 stages of stress

response, resistance, exhaustion


what season has highest suicide rate?


what state has highest suicide rate?

highest suicide rate of jobs

psychiatrist, dentist, lawyer

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