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Healthy Living Studies Fall 2011 Final
Describes appetite
It is more psychological than physiological
The U.S. population has become increasingly sedentary because
People spend more time engaged in sitting behaviors at home and at work
produce enzymes that destroy free radicals
What is the difference between a portion and a serving
A portion can be larger or smaller than a serving
How does insoluble fiber decrease a person's risk for diverticulosis?
by reducing constipation
The ideal cholesterol ratio for an individual would include
high HDLs and low LDLs
When polyunsaturated oils are hydrogenated
trans-fatty acids are produced
According to the criteria set by the USDA, which of the following would be an appropriate label for an apple grown without synthetic pesticides, chemicals, or hormones?
100 Percent organic
A high waist-to-hip ratio would indicate that more fat is stored
in the abdominal area
Based on current research, leptin causes a person to
Kevin wants to lose 5 pounds of fat. He plans to cut back on his eating and walk to expend an additional 500 calories per day. Given this information, how long will it take for him to lose the fat weight?
5 weeks
When fasting or eating a very low calorie diet (vlcd) for prolonged periods, the body will find fuel from its energy stores. One of the last reserves the body will use is from
lean protein tissue
It is estimated that approximately ____ million Americans have diabetes
23.6 million Americans have diabetes
body image
your overall feelings, perceptions and assumptions about your body
Karen is extremely dissatisfied with her body shape. She has gone through three cosmetic surgeries to alter her facial structure. Karen is most likely suffering from
body dysmorphic disorder
The primary action of insulin is to
stimulate glucose transporters in the cell
John has not been feeling well. He is constantly tired. His blood pressure is low and at times his vision is blurred. What two symptoms does John have that is characteristic of diabetes (type I or II)?
fatigue and blurred vision
Kara was tested for diabetes. Her fasting plasma glucose test showed a level of 120. This indicates that
Kara has pre-diabetes
A 30-year-old male would be considered obese if
he had a body mass index of 30 or higher
An individual who is 20 percent above their ideal weight would be classified as
Sharon is of average height and build. Although she doesn't appear overweight, a personal trainer measured her body fat at 30%. This discrepancy is likely due to
Sharon having a lower than average amount of muscle mass
Lacto-ovo vegetarian
A vegetarian who eats dairy products and eggs
Basal metabolic rate
The amount of energy the body uses at complete rest
Over the last 20 years, the calorie intake of Americans has increased. This is due in part to
an inability to recognize normal serving sizes
Data from the National Health Interview Survey suggest that 4 in 10 adults
never engage in any exercise, sports, or physically active hobbies
Tasha is 20 years old and wants to find her 60 percent target heart rate. This calculation would equal
120 beats per minute
Which best describes a way to assess strength in a resistance exercise program?
Start with a low weight and add 5-10 pounds until you can no longer complete a successful lift
The principle of resistance training that suggests that muscles should be gradually required to do more than they are used to doing is
Women who lift weights experience less ________ than men due to lower levels of testosterone
Overtraining syndrome occurs when
experienced athletes engage in systematic and progressive increases in training without enough rest and recovery time
The principles that guide a resistance exercise program include
variation, overload, specificity
When exercising for cardiorespiratory fitness, you are at an appropriate intensity when you are
able to talk to someone easily
How does a muscle respond to a held stretch
It causes the muscle to become accustomed to the new length and stop resisting the stretch
Cardiovascular disease accounts for approximately ___ of all deaths in the United States
A biopsy reveals that a woman who has had breast cancer now has the cancer in her lymph nodes. The process of malignant cells moving throughout the body is called
Which of the following statements is true with respect to the genetic risk of cancer
Oncogenes are suspected cancer causing genes
A construction company used asbestos on many job sites. Asbestos is an example of a
fibrous carcinogen
Which of the following is true about radiation and cancer?
Ionizing radiation is the only form of radiation proven to cause cancer
Which of the following is true with respect to malignant and benign tumors
A malignant tumor can invade surrounding tissue, produce mutant cells and metastasize
A woman who had her first intercourse at an early age may be at risk for
cervical cancer
Jeremy was told that his cancer could not be treated with radiotherapy and must be treated with chemotherapy. This is probably because
The cancer is no longer localized
One reason exercise might decrease breast cancer risk is because of the
decrease in body fat
If caught early, the prognosis for colon cancer is good because
the disease progresses slowly
According to current research, sexually transmitted diseases would have the greatest impact on which increasing cancer?
cervical cancer
The average healthy heart beats 70-80 beats per minute. A lower heart rate of 60 might indicate that,
the individual is very fit
An adult with a damaged sinoatrial node
must have a pacemaker implanted to control the heart rhythm
It is characterized by a buildup of substance which form plaque
A reduction in the heart's oxygen supply, a condition known as ______ can be relieved by ______.
ischemia; nitroglycerin
Which of the following represents the correct sequence of blood flow as it travels through the heart?
right atria, right ventricle, lungs, left atria, left ventricle, aorta
Taking an aspirin a day is useful in treating cardiovascular disease because
it reduces the risk of clot formation