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Here are a list of functions of starfish structures!


help with movement and capture prey

madreporite (sieve plate)

where water enters in the water vascular system


Fill up with water and then release to tube feet

ambulacral groove

contains the tube feet on the oral side and used to pry open the shells of bivalves

tube feet

used for feeding, movement, and a little for respiration

oral surface

the side of the starfish with the mouth

aboral surface

the side of the starfish without the mouth

cardiac stomach

it is attached to the mouth and comes out of the mouth to the digest nutrients

pyloric stomach

connects to a pair of digestive glands and breaks down food with the help of enzymes

ring canal

connects the stone canal and radial canal and carries water from the stone canal to the radial canal in the water vascular system

digestive glands

break down food with the help of enzymes and are connected to the phyloric stomach

radial canal

takes water out to the arms from the ring canal


reproductive organs (ovaries or testes) that are used with reproduction by producing egg or sperm

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