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localized collection of pus that will result in the disentegration of tissure over time


graft that is from the same species, but genetically different


tissue graft between individuals who are not of the same genotype


transplantation between individuals who are not of the same genotype




for oneself; autotogous

axillary nodes

lymph nodes located in the armpit


not progressive or recurrent


removal of small piece of living tissure for diagnostic purposes


destruction of lesions using extrene cold


second layer of skin, holding blood vessels, nerve endings, sweat glands and hair follicles


killing of tissure by means of laser, electrocautery . chemicals and other means


destruction of lasion by the use of electric current radiated through a needle


full thickness removal of lesion that may include simple closure


cut into


abnormal or altered tissure, wound, abcess, cyst or boil

seperate procedure

minor procedure that when done by themselves are coded as a procedure

seperate procedure

when performed at same time as a major procedure are considered incidental and not coded seperately


horizontal or transvere removal of dermal or epidermal lesions, without full thickness graft

skin graft

transplantation of tissue to repair a defect

soft tissue

tissues; fascia, connective tissue, muscle and so forth


to unite parts by stitching them together

tissue transfer

piece of skin for grafting thats still part of the original blood supplyu

wound repair, complex

involves complicated wound closure including revision, debridement, extansive undermining

wound repair, intermediate

require closure of one or more subcutaneous tissues and superficial fascea, in addition to skin closure

wound repair, simple

superficial wound repair, involving epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissure, requiring only simple one layer suturing

19 subsections

surgery is divided in how many sections

anatomic site

body system; subsections are usually devided according to this in surgery

arrow beginning and end

indicate that the information is new or has been revised for current edition


meaurement in the cpt manual is in what system


1rst criteria for wound repair


2nd criterai for wound repair

site of repair

3rd criteria for wound repair


1rst classification of wound repair (complexity)


2nc classification of wound repair(complexity)


3rd classification of wound repair(complexity)

modifier 51

most complex lesion procedure first and other using this; indicates multiple procedures

modifier 50

bilateral procedure modifier

same procedure

performed on a different site; 1rst time multiple procedures are coded

multiple procedure

performed during same operation; 2nd time multiple procedures are coded

procedure performed

multiple times; 3rd time multiple procedures are coded


first subsection in surgery section

special report

must accompany submission of unlisted code


surgery package and surgical gobal fee are terms to describe what 1


surgery package and surgical global fees are terms to describe what 2


surgical package and surgical fees are terms to describe what3


five digit code used for documentaion purposes to report non billed postoperative services provided to the patient under the umbrella of surgical package

benign or malignant

major distinction in coding destruction of whether the lesion is

site and size

division of malignant lesion excision is base on what

global or singular

kind of package was developed by third party payers and may go beyond the package described in the ct manual

seperate procedure

two words follow a procedure discription alert you to the fact that you can code the procedure only if it is not done as part of a more extensive procedure


first thing bundled in a surgery package


second thing bundled in a surgery package


third thing bundled in a surgery package

modifier 27

multiple outpatient hospital e/m encounters on same date


localized collection of pus that will result in disintegration over time


closed sac containing fluid or matter


abnormal or altered tissue


swelling or enlargement; sponataneous growth or tissue that forms ans abnormal mass


outer layer of skin


second layer of skin holding blood vessel nerve endings, sweat glands and hair follicles


pertains to suturing a wound

modifier 58

stage or related procedure or service by same physician during the postoperative period

modifier 59

distinct procedural service

modifier 76

repeat procedure by same physician

modifier 77

repeat procedure by another physician

modifier 78

return to the operating room for a related procedure during the postoperative period

modifier 79

unrelated procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period

modifier 91

repeat clinical diagnostic labratory test

skin grafts, flaps

measurement area in square cm

lesion removal

measurement of diameter in cm

wound repair

measurement of length in cm


group together same anatomic site


group together the same classification such as simple or intermediate


modifiers used for indication of finger or toe

fee for surgery

surgery package and surgical global fee are terms to describe what 4

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