CGS2060 Exam 2 ch8 vocab part1

16 terms by Wackie

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continuous waves that represent the loudness of a sound of a sound or the brightness of the colors in an image

analog-to-digital converter chip

converts analog signals to digital signals

base transceiver station

a large communications tower with antennas, amplifiers, and receivers/transmitters


uses radio waves to transmit data signals over short distances (approx 30ft for 1 and 60ft for 2 & 3)

cellular phone

operates over a wireless network; offers text messaging, personal info management (PIM) features, and more!


a rule, implemented in either software or hardware, which squeezes a given amount of audio and video info into less space


a simplified licensing scheme that enables copyright holders to grant certain rights to a work while retaining other rights

data plan

a connectivity or text messaging plan in which data charges are separate from cell phone calling charges and are provided at rates different from those for voice calls

derivative work

Intellectual property that is based on an original work but is modified in some way

digital signal processor

a specialized chip that processes digital info and transmits signals very quickly

flash memory

portable, nonvolatile memory

global positioning system



abrev. for a system of 21 satellites (plus 3 working spares) that constantly orbit the earth, built and operated by the US military

Internet tablet

a very light, portable computing device without a keyboard


software that makes it possible to access the Internet from a PDA/ smartphone

mobile switching center

a central location that receives cell phone requests for service from a base station

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