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Kublai Khan

Founded the Yuan Dynasty in 1279

Zhu Yuanzhang

overthrew last Mongal emperor, took title of Hongwu


"Vastly Martial"

Hongwu founded

Ming Dynasty




son of Hungwu/Zhu Yuanzhang


Yonglo moved the Ming dynasties capital to this city


oversea voyages

Zheng He

Chinease Muslim Admiral, led 7 voyages (around the Indian Ocean)


Trading ships

emperors' decision to isolate

arrival of European traders, Christian Missionaries

Matteo Ricci

Italian Jesuit Priest, become accepted into Ming Court was highly respected

Great Wall

Ming Restored/built during Ming Dynasty

Reasons for Ming's Decline

weak rulers, increased corruption, defense efforts drained treasury, High Taxes, crop failure


overtook Ming Dynasty, Captured Beijing, named it Qing dynasty

Qing Dynasty

ruled from 1644-1911, grew to its largest size in history


flourished the Qing Dynasty, ruled from 1661-1772


grandson of Kangxi, brought the empire to its height, ruled from 1736-1796

Lord George Macartney

went to China to discuss expanding trade, didn't show respect by kowtowing so was sent away


kneeling in front of the emperor and touching the forehead to the ground nine times

Cao Zhan

wrote Dream of the Red Chamber, considered Chinas Greatest Novel

Dream of the Red Chamber

examines the decline of an upperclass chinease family

Ming Artisians

Produced equisite blue and white Porcelain


valuable trade item (especially with Europe)

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