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  1. person who authorizes another to act on her behalf
  2. an agent must act with reasonable care, competence, and diligence in performing the work for which he is employed
  3. duty owed by principal to pay agent for authorized payments made on principal's behalf
  4. include the duty to provide an employee with reasonably safe conditions of employment

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  1. independent contractorduty owed by principal to pay for losses agent incurred while acting as directed by principal


  2. indemnificationa principal must compensate the agent as specified in the contract, or for the reasonable value of the services provided, if no amount is specified


  3. Irrevocable Powersa power given as security—including an agency coupled with an interest—is irrevocable


  4. agency by estoppelconsensual relationship authorizing one party (agent) to act on behalf of the other party (principal) subject to the principal's control