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  1. chafing (325)
  2. Riffraff (434)
  3. callous(460)
  4. heady (349)
  5. carousers
  1. a potent; intoxicating. Only a few glasses of this heady wine will knock you out
  2. b People that drink plentifully, and enjoy themselves lively
  3. c showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.
  4. d become or make annoyed or impatient because of a restriction or inconvenience
  5. e undesirable people The riffraff involved were given a warning by the teacher.

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  1. Create or bring about (an object or a situation) by deliberate use of skill and artifice. The prisoners contrived a way to escape.
  2. hold the complete attention of (someone) as though by magic; fascinate : the killer whale gave the spellbound audience a good soaking.
  3. (of farmland) plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility as part of a crop rotation or to avoid surplus production; long fallow periods when nothing seems to happen.
  4. To persistently carry out attacks on. We won the battle by harrying the other side.
  5. the chemical element of atomic number 16, a yellow combustible nonmetal; the material of which hellfire and lightning were believed to consist.; the bird's sulfur-yellow throat.

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  1. heyday (308)Something that is given great respect and is admired. The revered doctor was famous for his work with transplants.


  2. Gnarled (433to wash; bathe. (of water) wash against or over (something) : the sea below laved the shore with small, agitated waves.


  3. roundhouse (453)unsettled, disordered, or distraught: He became unhinged when his father died.


  4. bewail (447)to express great regret, disappointment, or bitterness over (something):he bewailed the fact that heart trouble had slowed him down.


  5. gallant (348)brave, heroic. The king was a gallant man.