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  1. harangue (348)
  2. dire (279)
  3. heyday (308)
  4. sired (327)
  5. gust (262)
  1. a a brief, strong rush of wind. A burst of something such as rain, sound, or emotion : gusts of rain lashed down the narrow alleys.
  2. b Causing or involving great fear or suffering; dreadful. Elpenor's risky behavior resulted in dire consequences.
  3. c the period of a person's or thing's greatest success, popularity, or vigor. Today was his heyday.
  4. d to be the male parent of (an animal).
  5. e To deliver a speech or piece of writing characterized by strong feeling or expression;

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  1. )to twist into a knotted or distorted form, having a rugged, weather-beaten appearance; Having spent years at sea, the sailor was now an old man with gnarled, weather-beaten features.
  2. extremely dirty and unpleasant, esp. as a result of poverty or neglect: the squalid, overcrowded prison.
  3. a personally offensive act or word deliberate act or display of disrespect. The husband affronted his wife with his rude treatment of her during the holiday party.
  4. a corner, as in a room. The teacher told the students to relax in the book nook when they were finished with their tests.
  5. be thrifty or parsimonious; economize

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  1. ajar (444)partially open. It annoys me when my sister enters my room and exits, leaving the door ajar.


  2. shambling (251)Move with a slow, shuffling, awkward gait: he shambled off down the corridor.


  3. transgressor (293)one who goes beyond the bounds of a moral principal or established standard of behavior


  4. prompting (341)To run in a relaxed and easy way.


  5. wraith (256)send or convey (something) quickly, as if by air : just jot down the title on a postcard and wing it to us.