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  1. Virtuoso(437)
  2. lurching (284)
  3. Genteel (429)
  4. brash (284)
  5. Connoisseur (437)
  1. a belonging or suited to polite society well-bred or refined; polite; elegant. The genteel man spent much time listening to the guests at the party and very little time talking about himself.
  2. b an expert judgement in matters of taste The cheese connoisseur was able to tell us which cheeses to buy in certain places around the world.
  3. c a person who has special knowledge or skill in a field. The professor was a virtuoso in biology.
  4. d Make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements; stagger: "the car lurched forward".
  5. e impertinent; impudent; tactless: "A brash young man is not wise enough to make his own decisions."

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  1. the handle of a sword or dagger: "I took the hilt of the sword and swung it as fast as I could to kill the goblin."
  2. extremely hungry, famished, starved, wild. The ravenous tiger hadn't eaten in days and would kill and eat anything in sight.
  3. undesirable people The riffraff involved were given a warning by the teacher.
  4. comfortable, warm, and cozy; well protected from the weather or cold: she was safe and snug
  5. a person who is feeble-minded.

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  1. canny (331)a short excursion or journey for pleasure. For the weekend, the family took a little jaunt to Austin to visit the capitol


  2. maw (278)a coniferous tree that has red berrylike fruits, and most parts of which are highly poisonous.; the timber of a yew plant is used in cabinetmaking.


  3. manic (454)partially open. It annoys me when my sister enters my room and exits, leaving the door ajar.


  4. contrive (265)a solemn procession, esp. for a funeral.


  5. blunder (280)provide (a service) : money serves as a reward for services rendered.