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  1. Adolescent Suicide
  2. Single Parent Family
  3. Spanking
  4. Ethnic and Socioeconomic Differences (Steinberg and Dornbusch) Authoritative
  5. Externalizing Problems
  1. a Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorders
  2. b Most common in white, middle class, intact families; least common in Asian families; best outcomes
  3. c Hitting a child with an open hand on the buttocks or the extremities with intent to discipline without leaving a bruise or causing physical harm
  4. d Internalizing Problem; Risk factors: depression, behavior problem, family history, chemical abuse
  5. e Child living with one parent who is never married or divorced or widowed (26%)

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  1. School performance and Asian families; Asian belief of importance of education for future; good peer support for academic achievement
  2. Higher rates of delinquency, behavior problems in school, lower grades
  3. Biological: abnormal brain activity; Psychoanalytical: fear of growing up, childhood sexual abuse, quality of parents marriage; Discrepancy between the young person's internal image of a desired body and their perception of their own body; (thinness viewed as a requirement to be attractive)
  4. Set limites on behavior using reassurance and explanation and displays a high degree of nurturance; expect and reinforce socially mature behaviors; respond to individual needs; disciplines appropriately (time out or mild punishment); school involvement
  5. Children growing up with depressed parents are more likely to suffer-genetic facts; changes parent-child interactions; number of stresses that are present in the family

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  1. Terman StudyGifted children better in many areas (health, range of interests, successfulness)


  2. FamiliesInternalizing Problem; Preoccupation with eating and an irresistible urge to eat (binging), intense fear of fatness; some method of purging (self-induced vomiting, excessive laxative use, excessive exercise); often ashamed of behavior; typically appears in girls pursuing careers in dance, acting, modeling, or gymnastics


  3. Corporal PunishmentInvolve some negative consequence; range with holding privilege to grounding to spanking


  4. Permissive-Indulgent Parenting StyleDo less well in school as adolescents, can be aggressive, immature with peers, less likely to fake responsibility, less independent


  5. Delinquency (Conduct disorder)Refers only to intentional law breaking; factors: lower IQ in teens-especially those who show more serious or violent offenses, variations in self-esteem (low self esteem or unrealistically high self esteem-narcissism)