The Sacramento of the Eucharist

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What is the actual meaning of Eucharist
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What is the actual meaning of Eucharist
The Eucharist stands for what two things?
- The entire Mass, the Church's official form of worshipping the Father.
- The consecrated Body and Blood of Christ that we receive during Communion
What are two other names for the sacrament of the Eucharist?
Liturgy and Mass
What does liturgy mean?
"Public Works"
(Not private)
What does Mass means?
Comes from the Latin word Missa - meaning "sending forth"
- This is the most common and informal name
The Eucharist is the "__________ and __________ of the Church's life."?
Source and summit
The Eucharist brings together what?
Brings together in a single ritual all the important elements of the Catholic faith.
What is the ritual that continuously feeds our faith and why?
The Eucharist because it is a weekly reminder
The Sacrament of the Eucharist is part of our what?
Our Christian Initiation
What is one Biblical Root in the Old Testament and describe it?
Exodus 11-12 God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt through the Passover.
It is clear that sacrifice occupies what?
An essential and central part of Israel's faith.
Animal sacrifices meant many things to ancient people: what are the 4 things?
1. It was in recognition of God's sovereignty over creation.
2. I was an act of thanksgiving. Creation is a gift given to us by God. We can only give back what we ourselves have received. (Giving thanks to God for creation)
3. It was a way of sealing a covenant, agreement, and oath.
4. An act of atonement and sorrow for sins. (Your acknowledging your sins.)
A covenant is different from a contract why?
Because a covenant is a promise that can't be broken. Contracts have loop holes.
List 3 important things from the Passover. And then list 2 Outcomes from it?
1. Kill a Lamb (sacrifice a Lamb) [Baby sheep is innocent]
2. Spill its' blood
- Place blood on door so the devil will pass over.
3. Israelites freed from slavery in Egypt.

Outcome: 1. Save from death (angle of death pass over their houses) 2. Free form slavery
List 3 important things from Last Supper/Mas?
1. Jesus is killed (innocent) [ We refer to Jesus as the Lamb of God b/c he took the place of the lamb for us]
2. His blood is spilled
3. Save is from death (spiritual death)
4. Frees us from sin (- Sin is another type of slavery. He gave the road block to avoid sin and its temptation).