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Aug. 1967

Khartoum Conference of Arab Leaders

Dec. 1967

George Habash forms Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine


Golda Meir becomes Prime Minister of Israel; Nixon elected President of the U.S.

Aug. 1970

Egyptian-Israeli cease-fire along Suez Canal

Sept. 1970

Nasser dies; succeeded by Anwar Sadat

Mar. 1957

U.S. joins Baghdad Pact


Ben-Gurion retires as Prime Minister and head of Mapai party; succeeded as Prime Minister by Levi Eshkol

Jan. 1964

Arab League summit held in Cairo to consider response to Israeli water diversion project from Lake Tiberias; PLO created


U.S. initiates massive bombing of North Vietnam


Nasser permits Vietnamese Liberation Front to open office in Cairo

Jul. 1966

Israel bombs Syrian water diversion project

Nov. 13, 1966

Israeli raid on Samua in West Bank, Jordan

May 1967

Nasser orders Egyptian forces into Sinai

Jun. 4

Israeli cabinet approves Dayans war plan

Jun. 5

Israel attacks Egypt, inaugurating 6-day-war which ends June 10

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