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25 SCWS Acronyms

Common Corp and NMCB Specific current as of 2011 Common Acronyms
Begin planning
Arrange for recon
Make recon
Complete the plan
Issue the order
Define METT-T
Mission, Enemy, Terrain and weather, Troops and fire support available, Time available
Size, Activity, Location, Uniform, Time, Equipment
(Under Enemy)
Define DRAW-D
Defend, Reinforce, Attack, Withdray, Delay
(Under Activity)
Define KOCOA
Key Terrain, Observation and Fields of fire, Cover and concealment, Obstacles, Avenues of Approach (under Make recon)
Define SMEAC
mnemonic for the five paragraph order, a method of clearly issuing complex orders, denotes; Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Logistics, Command and Signal
Priority of Defense
Security, Automatic weapons, Fields of Fire, Entrenchments,
Fire support, Install TPS Wire, Lay comm wire, Make Obstacles
Alternate Positions, Supplementary Positions
Automatic Weapons Employment, Pairs,Interlocking fire, Coordination, Mutual support, Defilade, Enfilade, Economy, Protection.
Alert, direction, target description, range, target assignment, fire control)
Define ACE report
Report after a fire fight
Ammo, Casuality, Equipment
Define 6-S's T
Method to handle EPW's,
Search, Segregate (Officers, enlisted, male, female, break up C2), Secure, Silence, Speed, Safeguard, Tag
Define C2
Command and control
Define C4ISR
Command, control, computers, communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Define HAS
Under troops and fire support available, Higher, Adjacent, supporting.
Define LARS
Converting grid north to magnetic north, Left Add, Right Subtract
Define MAGTF
Marine Air ground Task Force 17,000 Marines and support
Define MEU
Marine expeditionary unit, smallest Marine MAGTF, 2200 troops commanded by a colonel
Define MEF
Marine Expeditionary Force, commanded by a lieutenant general, 3 of them, Camp Pendleton, Camp Lejeune, Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan
About 46,000 Troops
Define MEB
Marine Expeditionary Brigade, usually a Major General or sometimes a Brigadier General
about 17,000 Troops
Define ACE
Aviation Combat Element
Define GCE
Ground Combat Element
Define CSSE
Combat Service Support Element
Define ABC
First aid immediate actions
Airway, breating, circulation
Define TPS
Types of wire
Tactical, FPL, break up attack formations
Protective, Used along perimeter
Supplementary, break up tactical wire patterns, Deceive location of FPL
Define FPL
Final protective line, grazing fire and strait line from CSW
Define AO
Area of operations
An operational area defined by the force commander for land, air, and naval forces conduct of combat and non-combat activities
Define AOR
Area of responsibility
The geographical area associated with a combatant command within which a combatant commander has authority to plan and conduct operations
Define SLRP
Survey, Liaison, and Reconnaissance Party
survey and liaison personnel to provide/gather information
Define OPP
Off-load Preparation Party
maintenance and equipment operators deploys aboard MPS and performs off-load preparations
Define MPS
maritime pre-positioning ship
Define TPFDD
Time-Phased Force Deployment Data, The Joint Operation Planning and Execution System data base portion of an operation plan; it contains time-phased force data, non-unit-related cargo and personnel data, and movement data for the operation plan. Who goes where when.
Define SERT
Seabee Engineer Reconnaissance Teams
Collect and assess engineering intelligence and project information for the supported or parent unit for design and tasking of constructed work.
Define CMSR
Camp Maintenance Store Room
houses repair parts for in-camp preventive maintenance
Define OPTAR
Operating Target, Budget
o 01 - Consumables and Services
o 02 - Maintenance Repair Parts (CESE)
o 03 - Camp Maintenance
o 04 - Deployment Per Diem
Define MOS
Minimum Operating Strip
MOS for fighter aircraft is 50 feet wide by 5,000 feet long
MOS for Cargo planes is 90 feet wide by 7,000 feet long
Define DAT
Damage Assessment Team
3 Battalion personal, an EOD Tech, Air operations rep.
Team leader, communicator, data collector
Provides location and description of pavement damage.
Define ADR
Airfield Damage repair
Define FFM
Folded Fiberglass Matting, primary MOS repair method
installation of an anchored FFM over a crater which was prepared with a layer of well-compacted crushed ston
Define CASS
Construction Activity Summary Sheets
Summarized resource requirements identified during the estimating, Safety, QC, environment requirements on the back
Define ROICC
Resident Officer-in-Charge of Construction
responsible for inspection and surveillance of ongoing Seabee projects and for reviewing daily QC reports
Define FAR
Field Adjustment Requests
Seabee Requesting changes on the drawings
Define DCD
Design Change Directives
ROICC directed changes forwarded to the Battalion
Define CQM
Construction Quality Management Program
The Three Phases of Control, Preparatory, Initial and Follow up
Define NCFSU
Naval Construction Force Support Unit
Provides logistical support for a Naval Construction Regiment and other supported Naval Construction Force units
Define DFT
Deployment for Training
small detachment of Seabees from the MB element that participates in specialized/technical construction projects
Define EDVR
Enlisted Distribution Verification Report
It's a monthly statement of a commands enlisted personnel account
Define CTR
Central tool room. Location where tools are kept to ensure their inventory.
Define CSR
Central Store room,
Location where supply stores are kept to ensure the proper inventory and dispersal.
Central Hazardous Materials Center of an installation
Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization Inventory Management Program
Reduce cost, reuse HW, comply with requlations, protect personal from HW.
Define HICS
Hazardous Inventory Control System
Prepares reports for administration purposes of the HAZMAT inventory
Define ARP
Automotive Repair Parts, receives, stores and issues automotive repair parts
Define CSR
Central shipping and receiving outlet in the battalion
Receives shipments not project related.
Define COG
Cognizance Symbol, Two position alpha-numeric code
Identifies the Navy inventory manager, or cognizant authority
Define APL
Allowance Parts List
Lists all the repair parts installed in the equipment or component to which it applies
Define AEL
Allowance Equipage List
Lists all the equipment a specific unit or platform is supposed to have
Define SIM
Selected Item Management
If a part is requested two or more times in a six month period, it is identified for SIM
All SIM items are inventoried quarterly
Non-SIM items are inventoried semi-annually.
Define CMS
Communications Security Material System
ensure the proper distribution, handling, control, and security of COMSEC
Size up the situation
Undue haste makes waste
Remember where you are
Vanquish fear and panic
Value living
Act like the natives
Learn the basic skills
Define BEEP
Battalion Equipment Evaluation Program
pass on all special knowledge of CESE maintenance and operations techniques, provide the releiving battalion with condition of equipment.
Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
6 Launderings/ 45 days of wear/ 120 days after removal from sealed bag
Define FLOT
Forward line of own troops
Convoy information required to COC 8 hours prior to Convoy
T= time convoy is departing
R= reason for convoy
A= area of location convoy is departing from
V= no. of vehicles/personnel in convoy
L= location convoy is going to
R= routes taken to destination and return