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sharp ridge
the grinding away of rock by other particles and carried by water, In Other words it means to scraped away or wear away
A beach that projects like a finger in the water
a heavy wave that increases its height as it gets closer to shore. It also breaks into white foam on the shore
Rocky headlands-
A Narrow point of land coming out of the sea
Wave cut cliff-
-it is like a cliff and then there is a small cut o the bottom
Wave cut platform-
The narrow flat area often found at the base of sea cliff or along the shoreline of a lake, bay, or sea that was created by the erosion of waves
Sea stack
-a block of rock that won't erode separated from the land. Begins as part of a headline of sea cliff. Pounding by waves erodes the softer, weaker parts of the rock first leaving hard rock behind.
Sharpened peak of a mountain
Forms when the level of the sea rises filling the valley once cut by a glacier
It forms when a glacier deposits mounds or ridges full of till
Ice sliding over a moraine may shape it into a drumlin( little hill in the middle of nowhere)
U-shaped valley-
A flowing glacier scoops out a U-shaped valley.
Kettle lake
- Hole formed in the ground formed by glaciers and filled with water
Outwash plain-
A plain formed of glacial sediments deposited by meltwater outwash at the terminus of a glacier
a bowl shaped depression on the side of or near mountains
an elongated hill in the shape of an egg formed by glacial ice
a long ridge of gravel and other sediment, typically having a winding course, deposited by meltwater from a retreating glacier or ice sheet
wind picking up small particles and moving them to a different area
Moving particles hitting land that causes them to erode
This occurs when dust particles can be carried really high and really far away
Particles of soil are lifted up and move sideways they don't move very high, but very long
Surface creep-
Large particles of soil being lifted up and just get rolled around
Sediment that is pushed up on top of each other building a wall
rock that is formed by wind blowing sand
Bends in a river because the sediment is eroded
A river widens a valley instead of deepening it
V-shaped valley-
When a river cuts deep into a valley, forming a V-shape
A more shallow area formed when a river going into the ocean deposits sediment
A small stream that brings water and sediment to a bigger river
Oxbow Lakes-
When sediment builds up it blocks part of a river that turns into an Oxbow lake
Valley Widening-
As the river goes down it makes the land flatter