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World War II

Explain Hitlers strategy of Attacking the Soviet Union. Why did his delay in launching the attack ultimately contribute to the Soviet victory over the Germans
Hitler was convinced that Britain was remaining in the war only because it expected Soviet support. he thought that only if the Soviet Union was smashed would Britain be eliminated. Hitler thought the Soviet Union had a pitiful army and could be easily defeated. Hitler planned on an attack in the spring of 1941 but was delayed because of problems in the Balkans. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 and thought they could be defeated before the brutal winter. An early winter and fierce Soviet resistance halted German advance and the Germans had no winter uniforms. The Germans had been stopped for the first time in the war.
List events leading to U.S entry into the war
On December 7, 1941 Japanese aircraft attacked the US naval base at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands. Japanese units launched additional assaults on the Philippines and began advancing toward Malaya. The JApanese thought the American people had been made soft by material indulgence. THe Japanese were wrong and the attack on Pearl Harbor unified Americans opinion about becoming involved in the war and the US entered the war.
Why did Japan fell the need to control other nations
Japan felt the need to control other nations because they had natural resources and raw materials that they needed. When Japan withdrew from the league of nations, they needed to control more land to maintain power.
What were Agreements Encouraging Hitler's Aggression Leading to World War II
The treaty of Versailles put restrictions on Germany, and Germany broke them, by
creating a new air force, expanding their army to 550,000, and sending troops into Rhineland on March 7 1936

Hitler sent troops to Rhineland on March 7, 1936, it was a direct violation of the treaty of Versailles

Italy invaded Ethiopia under Mussolini and welcomed Hitler's support

Hitler and Mussolini made an agreement in October 1936 recognizing their common political and economic interests.

Rome-Berlin Axis November 1936, An alliance between Italy and Germany

Anti comintern Pact November 1936 Signed by Germany and Japan promising a common front against communism

Anschluss 1938, Hitler forced Austria to put Austrian Nazi in charge of the government

Hitler annexed Austria to Germany March 13, 1938
Hitler wanted the destruction of Czechoslovakia September 15 1938

In Munich British, French, German, and Italian representatives didn't object to Hitler's plans, but reached an agreement that met virtually all of Hitler's demands September 15, 1938

Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Soviet Nonaggression Pact on August 23 1939. In the pact, the two nations promised not to attack each other. Hitler breaks his promise and attacks Poland
Where did Hitler plan to find the land he felt he needed to make Germany a great power
Land to the east/ in the Soviet Union
What was the name of the Aryan racial state that Hitler thought would dominate Europe for thousands of years
Third Reich
What did European states believe would be the result of the reasonable demands if dissatisfied powers were satisfied
Dissatisfied powers would be content and stability and peace would be achieved in Europe
What was the act committed by German forces that prompted Britain and France to declare war on Hitler
Sept. 1, 1939 German forces invaded Poland
Why did Japan seize Manchuria in 1931
It had natural resources that Japan needed
Why did Japan cooperate with Nazi Germany in the late 1930's
They assumed the two countries would launch a joint attack on the Soviet Union and divide the Soviet Union's resources
Hitler stunned Europe with the ____ and ___ of his attack on Poland
speed and efficiency
His _____ or lighting war used panzer divisions supported by airplanes.
German planes bombed British ___,____,___, and ____
Air naval bases, harbors, communication centers, and war industries
An early ___ and fierce Soviet ___ halted German advance
winter, resistance
On Dec.7, 1941 Japanese aircraft attacked _____
Pearl Harbor
By the fall of 1942 the war had turned _____ the ______
against the Germans
When did Hitler commit suicide
April 30, 1945
What two Japanese cities were bombed
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
When did Japan surrender
August 14, 1945
____ moved Slavic people in the east and replaced them with ____
Heinrich Himmler, Germans
What was the Final Solution
The genocide of the Jews
____ formed death squads to kill Jews by mass murder
Reinhard Heydrich
The mass slaughter of European civilians especially the Jews was called the ______
Even more than WWI, WWII was a _____
total war
Eventually the US became the ___ of the allied powers
Over a million _____ moved from the south to the north and west
African Americans
Hitler refused to cut _____ or increase production of _______
consumer goods, armaments