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  1. Cult of the Supreme Being
  2. Jacques Hebert
  3. Girondins
  4. Great Fear
  5. Emigres
  1. a peasants attacked manor houses in an effort to destroy the legal records of their feudal obligationns
  2. b a group of Jacobins that became the left or advanced party of the revolution and led the country into waar; waanted republic through law
  3. c French nobles who fled France at the beginning of the revolution and influenced Prussia and Austria to help France
  4. d deistic natural religion in which the republic was declared to recognize the existance of God and the immorality of the soul
  5. e radical social democrat who led the "angry men" and was responisble for the deaths of 2000 people at Nantes where paris commune was destroyed

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  1. feudal assembly that represented the three estates
  2. -chancellor under Louis XV who was ordered to subdue judicial opposition
    -hired as Louis XV's financial minister, began to tax priveliged groups, created new courts, the parlements rebelled against him
  3. each estate was instructed to compile a list of suggestions and grievances and present them to the king
  4. issued by Prussia and Austria and threatened to destory Paris if the royal family was harmed
  5. reorganized the French army

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  1. Vendeea region in western France south of Brittany, it was the site of several anti-Revolutionary uprisings from 1793-6 that claimed as many as a million lives


  2. The Civil Constitution off the Clergyissued by Prussia and Austria to restore order to the French governemnt through the military; not followed through


  3. Sans-Culottesworking class radicals that supported the mountain


  4. National AssemblyFrance was proclaimed a republic on september 21 1792; abolished the monarchy and installled republicanism; based on the ideeas of equality, liberty, and fraternity


  5. First Estatethe clergy that made up 1% of the population and owned 20% of the land (Gallican Church)