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  1. Madame de Pomadour
  2. Second Estate
  3. Louis XV
  4. Women's march to Versailles
  5. Legislative Assembly
  1. a the nobility that made up 2-4% of the population and owned 25% of the land
  2. b women marched to the palace due to bread shortages and demanded the king and queen go back to Paris tto see the prooblems
  3. c a new group of legislators that replaced the National Assembly in the new governemnt
  4. d -nobility gained influence under his reign
    -influenced by ministers and mistresses
  5. e most famous mistress of Louis XV who influenced his political decisions

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  1. the clergy that made up 1% of the population and owned 20% of the land (Gallican Church)
  2. a region in western France south of Brittany, it was the site of several anti-Revolutionary uprisings from 1793-6 that claimed as many as a million lives
  3. an emergency governemt to deal with internal and external challenges to the revoultion; led by Robspeirre
  4. led by the Paris Commune in which mobs slaughtered over a thousand priests, bourgeoise, and the aristocrats who opposed their programs
  5. Louis XVI's director of finances that tried to raise taxes but was dismissed

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  1. 83 Deparrtmentsthe high court of Paris restored under Louis XV


  2. Third Estateconsisted of merchants, middles class, artistans, unskilled workers, and the peasants that made up 95% of the population, owned 50% of the land and paid 100% of the taxes


  3. "Temple of Reason"the entire nation conscripted into service as war was defined as a national mission; army grew to 1 million


  4. Hebertistesradical social democratic followers of Jacqyes Hebert


  5. Abbe Sieyesradical social democratic followers of Jacqyes Hebert


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