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  1. Mountian
  2. Lazare Carnot
  3. Edmund Burke
  4. Reign of Terror
  5. Brunswick Manifesto
  1. a issued by Prussia and Austria and threatened to destory Paris if the royal family was harmed
  2. b the period, from mid-1793 to mid-1794, when Robespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens were executed
  3. c one of the great defenders of European conservatism; supported the monarch; wrote "Refllections on the Revolution in France"
  4. d radical republicans made up of the urban class led by Danton and Robspierre
  5. e reorganized the French army

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  1. a new group of legislators that replaced the National Assembly in the new governemnt
  2. a new five-member assembly elected to govern France; ruled like an oligarchy
  3. the nobility that made up 2-4% of the population and owned 25% of the land
  4. feudal assembly that represented the three estates
  5. the National Assembly divided France into these that were governed by elected officials

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  1. Bourgeoisieradical republicans made up of the urban class led by Danton and Robspierre


  2. The Civil Constitution off the Clergyissued by Prussia and Austria to restore order to the French governemnt through the military; not followed through


  3. National Conventiona French congress established by representatives of the Third Estate on June 17, 1789, to enact laws and reforms in the name of the French people


  4. "Levee en masse"the entire nation conscripted into service as war was defined as a national mission; army grew to 1 million


  5. Comitee of Public Safetygovernement could imprison anyone without charges or trial