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  1. Jacques Necker
  2. Vendee
  3. Third Estate
  4. Plebiscite
  5. Estates General
  1. a a region in western France south of Brittany, it was the site of several anti-Revolutionary uprisings from 1793-6 that claimed as many as a million lives
  2. b general referendum (vote) that was overwhelmingly approved 3011007 to 1562
  3. c consisted of merchants, middles class, artistans, unskilled workers, and the peasants that made up 95% of the population, owned 50% of the land and paid 100% of the taxes
  4. d Louis XVI's director of finances that tried to raise taxes but was dismissed
  5. e feudal assembly that represented the three estates

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  1. a group of Jacobins that became the left or advanced party of the revolution and led the country into waar; waanted republic through law
  2. leader of the CPS who was heavily influenced by the ides of Rousseau
  3. one of the great defenders of European conservatism; supported the monarch; wrote "Refllections on the Revolution in France"
  4. each estate was instructed to compile a list of suggestions and grievances and present them to the king
  5. led the Paris Commune

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  1. Louis XV-nobility gained influence under his reign
    -influenced by ministers and mistresses


  2. Louis Saint-Justa major leader of the CPS alongside Robespierre


  3. Jacobinsnamed after their political club; liberals who came to dominate the Legislative Assembly; want republic through military


  4. Hebertistesmost influential writer in the 3rd estate; wrote "What is the Third Estate"


  5. Conspiracy of Equalsled by "Gracchus" Babeuf formed to overthrow the Directory and replace it with a dictatorial "democratic" govt which woulld aboolish private propertyy and enforce equality