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  1. "Levee en masse"
  2. Bourgeoisie
  3. Jacques Hebert
  4. Maximilien Robespierre
  5. Parlement of Paris
  1. a radical social democrat who led the "angry men" and was responisble for the deaths of 2000 people at Nantes where paris commune was destroyed
  2. b leader of the CPS who was heavily influenced by the ides of Rousseau
  3. c the entire nation conscripted into service as war was defined as a national mission; army grew to 1 million
  4. d ruled that voting in the Estates General would follow the tradition of each Estate voting separately
  5. e demanded that political and social power be congruent with their emerging economic power; middle class

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  1. a planned economy to respond to food shortages and related economic problems
  2. revolutionary municipal government set up in Paris which effectively usurped the power of the Legislative Assembly
  3. the high court of Paris restored under Louis XV
  4. French priests who refuded to accept the constitution of the clergy
  5. French nobles who fled France at the beginning of the revolution and influenced Prussia and Austria to help France

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  1. Declaration of Pillnitzissued by Prussia and Austria to restore order to the French governemnt through the military; not followed through


  2. Hebertistesradical social democratic followers of Jacqyes Hebert


  3. Great Fearpeasants attacked manor houses in an effort to destroy the legal records of their feudal obligationns


  4. Thermidorian Reactionname given to the reaction against the radicalism of the French Revolution. It is associated with the end of the Reign of Terror and reassertion of bourgeoisie power in the Directory.


  5. Madame de Pomadourmost famous mistress of Louis XV who influenced his political decisions