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  1. Sans-Culottes
  2. "Age of Rousseau"
  3. 83 Deparrtments
  4. The Civil Constitution off the Clergy
  5. Thommas Paine
  1. a biggest mistake made by the National Assembly; secularized religion; deeply divided France over the issue of religion
  2. b second phase of the French Revolution-Republic, execution of Louis, Committee of Public Safety, Regin of Terror, Termidorian Rebellion, Directory
  3. c working class radicals that supported the mountain
  4. d responded to Burke's arguement by defending Enlightenment principles; wrote "Rights of Man"
  5. e the National Assembly divided France into these that were governed by elected officials

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  1. a French congress established by representatives of the Third Estate on June 17, 1789, to enact laws and reforms in the name of the French people
  2. issued by Prussia and Austria and threatened to destory Paris if the royal family was harmed
  3. obligated peasants to work for the nobles several days a year
  4. governement could imprison anyone without charges or trial
  5. a region in western France south of Brittany, it was the site of several anti-Revolutionary uprisings from 1793-6 that claimed as many as a million lives

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  1. Assignatsradical working class leaders of Paris


  2. Girondinsradical working class leaders of Paris


  3. Assembly of Notablessummoned by Louis XVI in hoping that they would either approve the king's new tax program or consent to remove their tax exemptions


  4. Refractory Clergypeasants attacked manor houses in an effort to destroy the legal records of their feudal obligationns


  5. Legislative Assemblya new group of legislators that replaced the National Assembly in the new governemnt