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  1. Parlement of Paris
  2. September Massacres
  3. Tennis Court Oath
  4. Conspiracy of Equals
  5. Edmund Burke
  1. a led by the Paris Commune in which mobs slaughtered over a thousand priests, bourgeoise, and the aristocrats who opposed their programs
  2. b one of the great defenders of European conservatism; supported the monarch; wrote "Refllections on the Revolution in France"
  3. c the third estate swore to remain together until it had given Fracne a constitution
  4. d led by "Gracchus" Babeuf formed to overthrow the Directory and replace it with a dictatorial "democratic" govt which woulld aboolish private propertyy and enforce equality
  5. e ruled that voting in the Estates General would follow the tradition of each Estate voting separately

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  1. governement could imprison anyone without charges or trial
  2. French nobles who fled France at the beginning of the revolution and influenced Prussia and Austria to help France
  3. general referendum (vote) that was overwhelmingly approved 3011007 to 1562
  4. the clergy that made up 1% of the population and owned 20% of the land (Gallican Church)
  5. alleged enemies of the revolution were brought before revolutionary tribunals that were created to hearr cases of treason

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  1. Comitee of Public Safetyan emergency governemt to deal with internal and external challenges to the revoultion; led by Robspeirre


  2. Refractory ClergyFrench priests who refuded to accept the constitution of the clergy


  3. "Age of Rousseau"the Notre Dame Cathedral that was transfomed into an "enlightenment library"


  4. Rene de Maupeougovernement could imprison anyone without charges or trial


  5. Ancien Regimethe political system that existed in France before the French Rev


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