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  1. Assembly of Notables
  2. Thommas Paine
  3. Olympe de Gougess
  4. Maximilien Robespierre
  5. Ancien Regime
  1. a womens activist that wrote "The Rights of Woman"
  2. b leader of the CPS who was heavily influenced by the ides of Rousseau
  3. c summoned by Louis XVI in hoping that they would either approve the king's new tax program or consent to remove their tax exemptions
  4. d the political system that existed in France before the French Rev
  5. e responded to Burke's arguement by defending Enlightenment principles; wrote "Rights of Man"

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  1. the entire nation conscripted into service as war was defined as a national mission; army grew to 1 million
  2. each estate was instructed to compile a list of suggestions and grievances and present them to the king
  3. era after the directory with napolean acting as head, took public vote of support that reaffirmed Napoleon's right to lead
  4. a major leader of the CPS alongside Robespierre
  5. Louis XVI's director of finances that tried to raise taxes but was dismissed

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  1. National Conventiona French congress established by representatives of the Third Estate on June 17, 1789, to enact laws and reforms in the name of the French people


  2. Legislative Assemblya new group of legislators that replaced the National Assembly in the new governemnt


  3. War of the Firsst Coalitionname given to the reaction against the radicalism of the French Revolution. It is associated with the end of the Reign of Terror and reassertion of bourgeoisie power in the Directory.


  4. Tennis Court Oaththe third estate swore to remain together until it had given Fracne a constitution


  5. Flight ot VarennesLouis XVI tried to escape France in June 1791 and was forced to accept a constitutional monarchy