To Kill A Mockingbird: Character List

Scout Finch ( Jean Louise)
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Judge TaylorThe judge for Tom's trial. Taylor is a good, sensible man with a sense of humor, who manages a strict courtroom.Heck Tate- sheriff of Maycomb - a decent man, but a major witness in Tom's trialCalpurnia- Housekeeper of the Finch family - role model to Scout/ motherBoo Radely- an outcast to his society - rough past - gives children presents in knothole - One of the book's "mockingbirds" - helps save children's lives he kills Bob EwellMs. Stephanie Crawford- "the neighborhood gossip"Tim Johnson- Mad dog with rabies - Shot and killed by Atticus - One of the book's "mockingbirds"Ms. Dubose-An elderly women who is prejudiced against the colored -Was trying to get over her morphine addiction before she died - Had Jem read to her before she diedReverend Sykes- Minister at the black church that Calpurnia takes the children to - Admires Atticus for defending Tom - Sits on balcony with children at the trialZeebo-Calpurnia's son -garbage collector - can read and writeCecil Jacobs- a boy, who is racist and against what Atticus was doing for Tom Robinson - Him and Scout go to Halloween festival togetherWalter Cunningham- Scout's school mate who cannot afford lunch - Family in poverty - Has different habits and does things differently than the Finch familyMr. Cunningham- A poor farmer and part of the mob that seeks to lynch Tom Robinson at the jail; Walter's Dad, he tried to pay his debtsMr. Link Deas- Tom Robinson's employer (not racist, and does not allow people, who are prejudice, to work for him)Nathan Radely- Boo's older brother - Tried to shoot the children - Filled knothole with cementMr. Underwood-Publisher of Maycomb's newspaper -Respects Atticus and proves his allyJack-Name of Atticus' brotherMrs. Rachel-Dill's AuntMr. Underwood-Newspaper ReporterMr. Gilmore-Prosectuted Tom RobinsonCaroline Fisher-Scouts first grade teacherBlack communityduring the trial, they bring food to the Finch'sMrs. GatesScout's school teacher that was teaching about Hitler and how he persecuted the Jews; yet she believed the Blacks in Maycomb should be taught a lesson; hypocrite