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  1. Departments of Executive Branch
  2. John C. Calhoun
  3. Speculator
  4. Tariff of Abominations
  5. Indian Removal Act
  1. a (1782-1850) American politician and supporter of slavery and states' rights, he served as vice president to Andrew Jackson and was instrumental in the South Carolina ification crisis.
  2. b State, Treasury, and War
  3. c (1828) the nickname given to a tariff by southerners who opposed it
  4. d (1830) a congressional act that authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River
  5. e an investor who buys items at low prices in hope that their values will rise

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  1. a group of American artists in the mid-1800s whose paintings focused on the American landscape
  2. (1743-1826) American statesman, and member of two Continental Congresses, chairman of the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence, the Declaration's main author and one of its signers, and the third president of the United States
  3. (1767-1838) Native American leader of Fox and Sauk Indians, he resisted the U.S.-ordered removal of Indian nations from Illinois and raided settlements and fought the U.S. Army.
  4. (1789-1851) Well-known Early American novelist, he wrote the Last of the Mohicans and many stories about the West.
  5. a politicians' practice of giving government jobs to his or her supporters

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  1. Federalist PartyDelaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri; slave states that lay between the North and the South and did not join the Confederacy During the civil war


  2. Embargothe banning of trade with a country


  3. George Caleb Binghamthe canal that runs from Albany to Buffalo, New York; completed in 1825


  4. Loose Constructiona way of interpreting the Constitution that allows the federal government to take actions that the Constitution does not specifically forbid it from taking


  5. Democratic-Republican Partya political party founded in the 1790s by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and other leaders who wanted to preserve the power of the state governments and promote agriculture


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