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Ch. 13 ITNW

____ are often considered first-level support.
Help desk analysts
The danger in using a ____ is that it could collect more information than you or the machine can reasonably process.
protocol analyzer
____ packets exceed the medium's maximum packet size.
____ are frames that are not actually data frames, but aberrations caused by a device misinterpreting stray voltage on the wire.
An administrator should take the time to troubleshoot all network problems correctly by asking specific questions designed to identify the problem ____.
To take advantage of network monitoring and analyzing tools, the network adapter installed in the machine running the software must support ____ mode.
A ____ is a software-based tool that continually monitors network traffic from a server or workstation attached to the network.
network monitor
Resistance is measured in ____.
____ is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking at how a problem solution might affect users and network functionality.
When used on a copper-based cable, a continuity tester applies a small amount of ____ to each conductor at one end of the cable.
Before using a network monitor or protocol analyzer on a network, it is important to know what ____ on your network normally looks like.
A ____ is a document (preferably online) that lists every service and software package supported within an organization, plus the names of first- and second-level support contacts for those services or software packages.
supported services list
____ is the telltale factor for ascertaining where faults in a cable lie.
Viewing the status of the wireless connection on your workstation tells you ____ about your wireless environment.
a little
Network engineers today might call any protocol analyzer tool a sniffer or ____________________.
packet sniffer
For documenting problems, some organizations use a software program known as a(n) ____________________ (also informally known as help desk software).
call tracking system
In a ____ cable, the transmit and receive wire pairs in one of the connectors are reversed.
A____ is a small electronic device that issues a signal on a wire pair.
tone generator
____ are often considered third-level support.
Help desk coordinators
Rather than issue an electrical signal over the cable as twisted pair cable testers do, a(n) ________________________________________ transmits light-based signals of different wavelengths over the fiber.
OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer)
A ____ usually results from a bad NIC.
A help desk is typically staffed with ____________________ - people proficient in workstation and network troubleshooting.
help desk analysts
A ____ can be used to intercept a telephone conversation.
butt set
A sophisticated ____________________ will include a TDR (time domain reflectometer) that issues a signal on a cable and then measures the way the signal bounces back (or reflects) to the TDR.
cable performance tester
A ____ can generate traffic in an attempt to reproduce a network problem and monitor multiple network segments simultaneously.
protocol analyzer
____ is a fundamental property of wire that depends on a wire's molecular structure and size.