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In ____, parity error checking occurs when data is written across the disk array.

RAID Level 3

____ provides redundancy through a process called disk mirroring.

RAID Level 1

A(n) ____________________ is a copy of data or program files created for archiving or safekeeping.


____________________________________________________________ refers to a collection of disks that provide fault tolerance for shared data and applications.

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent [or Inexpensive] Disks)

____ is a specialized storage device or group of storage devices that provides centralized fault-tolerant data storage for a network.


____ is intended to eliminate single points of failure.


A(n) ____ UPS uses the A/C power from the wall outlet to continuously charge its battery, while providing power to a network device through its battery.


An archive ____ is a file attribute that can be checked or unchecked to indicate whether the file must be archived.


A(n) ____ virus disguises itself as a legitimate program to prevent detection.


Power that is free from noise is called "____" power.


____ is a type of media capable of storing digitized data and that uses a laser to write data to it and read data from it.

Optical media

A program that disguises itself as something useful but actually harms your system is called a ____.

Trojan horse

____ are programs that run independently and travel between computers and across networks.


____ scanning techniques attempt to identify malware by discovering "malware-like" behavior.


____ scanning detects malware by comparing a file's content with known malware signatures in a signature database.


A ____ is a program that runs automatically, without requiring a person to start or stop it.


Mesh topologies and ____ topologies are good choices for highly available enterprise networks.

SONET rings

____ is an automatic distribution of traffic over multiple links or processors to optimize response.

Load balancing

A(n) ___________________________________ is a battery-operated power source directly attached to one or more devices and to a power supply (such as a wall outlet) that prevents undesired features of the wall outlet's A/C power from harming the device or interrupting its services.

UPS (uninterruptible power supply)

A(n) ____ virus changes its characteristics every time it is transferred to a new system.


____ detects malware by comparing current characteristics of files and disks against an archived version of these characteristics to discover any changes.

Integrity checking

A(n) ____ is a deviation from a specified level of system performance for a given period of time.


____ offers the best performance.

RAID Level 0

____ are distinct networks of storage devices that communicate directly with each other and with other networks.


Many bots spread through the _________________________, a protocol that enables users running IRC client software to communicate instantly with other participants in a chat room on the Internet.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

____________________ is the process of restoring your critical functionality and data after an enterprise-wide outage that affects more than a single system or a limited group of users.

disaster recovery

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