10th grade cult lit 5

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indignant adj
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indignant adj
expressing anger over an injustice
audacious adj
very bold
wend v
To go in a specific direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route
limpid adj
transparently clear
ambling adj
slow and leisurely
condone v
to approve reluctantly or accept/ sanction reluctantly
perceive v
to observe
impale v
to pierce with something pointed
invective N
strong verbal abuse
myriad N
a great number of people or things
languid adj
without energy
ignominy N
public shame or disgrace
Captain Ahab, Moby Dick, Herman Melville
captain of the whaling vessel, the Pequod
Cheshire Cat, Alices Adventure in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
known for its broad grin and its ability to appear and disappear at will
Friday, Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe
one of the main characters in a survival tale of a castaway from a shipwreck