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  1. virus capsid identical polypeptide advantages
  2. transmission of infection from a doctor
  3. viral infection with unrestrained growth & prolonged survival
  4. intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies
    henderson/patterson bodies
  5. intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies
    negri bodies
  1. a molluscum contagiosum
  2. b reduces genetic information
    self assembly (no energy or enzymes required)
  3. c rabies
  4. d malignent
  5. e iatrogenic

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  1. scolex
    has hooks and suckers for attachment only
  2. cysticerosis
  3. 15,000-200,000 cycles/sec
    causes cavitation and pressure changes
  4. protection
    antigenic (mimic ligands or have glycoprotein spikes - react with B cells)
  5. asymptomatic

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  1. bacteriophage that performs lysogenyadsorption


  2. enveloped animal virus penetrationtranslocation
    envelope fuses to host's membrane, capsid crosses


  3. transmission of infection through a vector or fomitepandemic


  4. virus capsid structureidentical polypeptide proteins


  5. # deaths due to infectionnon living (fomites)
    zoonosis (animal to human)
    animal (vector)
    human (carrier)