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  1. whole virus aka
  2. animal vector that is used for passage only & example
  3. mRNA is mirror image of RNA
  4. hermaphroditic fluke - in (oriental) liver
  5. viruses associated with cold
  1. a rhinovirus (picornavirus)
  2. b (-) negative polarity
  3. c mechanical
    -flea (black plague)
  4. d clonorchiasis
  5. e virion

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  1. viral components assemble into whole virus
    virus explodes in number
  2. miracidium (enters into intermediate host)
  3. latent period
  4. 100C (does not affect spores)
  5. malignent

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  1. naked animal virus releasereceptor mediated endocytosis
    bind to receptor units


  2. bunyvirus examplesencephalitis
    korean hemorrhagic fever


  3. # afflicted with infection+ RNA to - DNA


  4. susceptibility factors for viral infectiondelivers host DNA
    stops being a virus


  5. river blindness akaonchocerciases