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  1. intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies
    negri bodies
  2. increase in WBC due to infection
  3. viral infection stays at point of origin
  4. lentivirus examples
  5. enveloped animal virus release
  1. a leaves via budding that creates envelope
  2. b stationary
  3. c rabies
  4. d leukocytosis
  5. e HIV
    animal pathogens

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  1. host's cell membrane modified
    glycoprotein with spikes (act as receptors)
  2. direct
  3. flash
  4. iatrogenic
  5. identical polypeptide proteins

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  1. enterovirus examplespoliovirus


  2. flatworm structurethin, segmented


  3. prion caused diseases - general and wherehpv, JC virus, BK virus
    -naked, icosahedral
    -double strand DNA


  4. othomyxovirus examples & affinityyellow fever
    st louis encephalitis
    Japanese encephalitis


  5. naked animal virus adsorption & processchanges PRPc to PRPsc
    causes folding in brain, amyloid fibers, plaques
    causes spongiform encephalopathy (honeycombing)
    causes protein accumulation