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  1. removal of all microorganisms
  2. chemicals applied to the body
  3. pinworm aka
  4. tapeworms form a cyst in muscle meat
  5. maturation of bacteriophages
  1. a cysticerci
  2. b antiseptics
  3. c enterobiases
  4. d sterilization
  5. e viral components assemble into whole virus
    virus explodes in number

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  1. B19 & B17
    -naked, icosahedral
    -single strand DNA
    -defective & non defective
  2. pox virus
    defective virus
  3. lysol
  4. inactivate cellular protein by binding with it
    -mercury (inactivates sulfahydril groups)
    -silver nitrate (1% & .5%)
    -copper sulfate
  5. polyhedral head (puncture)
    helical tail
    fibers (attachment)
    -attack and kill bacteria

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  1. flatworm structurenon motile


  2. tapeworm entry portalnon motile


  3. animal virus assemblylassa fever
    lymphocytic choriomeningitis


  4. othomyxovirus examples & affinitycold


  5. enveloped animal virus penetrationtranslocation
    envelope fuses to host's membrane, capsid crosses


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