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  1. viral infection circulates
  2. infection with a normal, steady frequency
  3. paramyxo virus examples
  4. transmission of infection through a vector or fomite
  5. maturation of bacteriophages
  1. a viral components assemble into whole virus
    virus explodes in number
  2. b indirect
  3. c endemic
  4. d dissemination
  5. e measels, mumps, parainfluenze, respiratory syncytial

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  1. pandemic
  2. ebola
  3. blood flukes
  4. lassa fever
    lymphocytic choriomeningitis
  5. non motile

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  1. sexual fluke entry portalmetacercaria


  2. naked animal virus penetrationcapsid shaped into ligands
    fools receptor mediated endocytosis


  3. boiling water temp & afflictionsecondary infection


  4. any infection after 1st infectionsecondary infection


  5. rhinovirus examplescold


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