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  1. defective virus function, example
  2. othomyxovirus examples & affinity
  3. infection with a normal, steady frequency
  4. bacteriophage that performs lysogeny
  5. roundworm categories
  1. a influenza
    -affinity for muscins
  2. b temperate phage
  3. c endemic
  4. d can't read own DNA/RNA, must use another virus
    -hepatitis D
  5. e larval infection form, egg infectious form

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  1. double to double
  2. 2-450nm
    too small to see with light microscope
  3. vertical
  4. capsid shaped into ligands
    fools receptor mediated endocytosis
  5. parvovirus
    pox virus
    herpes virus

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  1. flavivirus examples2-450nm
    too small to see with light microscope


  2. transmission of infection from touchdirect


  3. viral infection with unrestrained growth & prolonged survivalstationary


  4. fluke akatrematodes


  5. fluke digestive systemincomplete