14 terms

section 8-1 history

state department, treasury department, war department
what were the 3 departments in the executive branch?
office of attorney general, office of postmaster
what were the 2 extra departments in the executive branch?
thomas jefferson
secretary of state
alexander hamilton
secretary of treasury
henry knox
secretary of war
edmund randolph
attorney general
john adams
who was the vice president?
judiciary act of 1789
this act said that congress established a federal court system with 13 district courts and three circuit courts to serve the nation.
john jay
this person lead the supreme court as chief justice
to guarantee personal liberties
why did people want a bill of rights?
in the south
where would the new nation's capital be?
new financial powers
hamiltons plan gave the govt_____________
because the south had little industry to protect
why did the south object to tariffs?