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Number the Stars

Who is the author?
Lois Lowry
What is the setting
Copenhagen, Denmark during World War II
Why is it important not to be remembered by the soldiers?
If they notice you you may end up getting arrested.
Why does Peter still stop by Annemarie's house?
He wants to keep in touch. He doesn't want them to think he is so upset that he can't talk to him
Why hasn't Peter remarried someone else by this time?
He hasn't gotten over Lise's death.
Why has Peter changed?
The shock of Lise's death has made him very sad and serious.
Why is electricity and other things being rationed?
because the Nazis are preventing the food and other supplies from coming into Copenhagen
Why are Nazis closing down Jewish businesses?
they blame them for controlling the banking during the war. they closed them down because they believed they were selling goods to get back at them for taking over Denmark.
What could people of Denmark do to help the Jewish people?
Bring them food, hide them, help to educate them
Why do the Danish people have to draw black curtains at night?
to make sure the Nazis don't know where to drop the bombs. they couldn't have lights on after curfew.
Why did Ellen's parents have to leave?
the Nazis took the list of Jews from the synagogue. they left so the Nazis couldn't track them down.
Annemarie stated that there were no cigarettes in Denmark, so what were Mr. Johanson and Uncle Henrik speaking about?
Mr. Johanson and Uncle Henrik were speaking in code. Mr. Johanson was telling Henrik that Inge was bringing Ellen and Annemarie to his house.
Why didnMrs. Johanson and the girls to visit Uncle Henrik?
because they knew the Nazis were searching the schools. they knew Ellen's friends and teachers would call her Ellen, not Lise.
What did the author mean by the phare "fresh eyes"?
looking at someone with a new point of view.
Why can't the girls be seen by anyone?
the Nazi soldiers are everywhere and they want to shield Ellen.
Why were they not laughing at Uncle Henrik's house?
They don't want anyone to overhear them and there wasn't anything funny.
Why did Uncle Henrik think it would be such a great day for fishing?
he is going to take Mr. and Mrs. Rosen to Sweden. He is speaking in code.
Why doesn't Annemarie remember who Aunt Birtie is?
Aunt Birtie doesn't exist. Her mom never told her stories about Aunt Birtie.
What did Uncle Henrik mean when he stated "it is much easier to be brave if you do not know everything"?
If you know everything you might be paralyzed with fear and too afraid to act.
Who, or what, is in the casket?
it is empty
Why did the soldier ask Annemarie who died?
because he knew she would fear him. He thought Inge was lying and he thought he could get her to tell something.
If Annemarie's mother was so concerned about getting germs form Aunt Birtie, who did she want to open the casket for the soldiers?
to try to get the soldiers to leave
Why are they opening the casket now that the soldiers have left?
Peter wanted to read a Psalm to the Jews and the soldier told them to open the casket when they leave. there might also be something in there that the people didn't want the soldiers to see.
What did Peter give the baby?
a sleeping medicine so she wouldn't cry and make noise. he was worried the noise would wake the soldiers.
Why was the mother so upset that Peter insisted on giving the medicine to the infant?
she was worried it would harm the baby.
What did Annemarie mean when she said "so there were other sources, too, of pride, and they had not left everything behind"?
she meant theat the Rosens are not afraid of going to Sweden. They are not afraid to take a dangerous journey.
What has happened to Annemarie's mother?
she was taking the Rosens to Henrik's boat but she tripped on the way back.
Where were the identification papers?
Wrapped in paper. The identification papers will help the Rosens get to Sweden without getting stopped.
Why did Annemarie spend her time thinking about the story she always told her sister?
because she thought it was similar to what was happening.
What happens when Annemarie gets stopped by the dogs and the soldiers?
She acts all silly like a little girl.
Why did the soldiers destroy Uncle Henrik's lunch?
they thought they were torturing him by making him starve while he was fishing. They were also looking for something suspicious.
Why did Henrik hide all of the Jewish people in his boat?
He hid them because he didn't want it to look suspicious that there were too many people in his fishing boat.
What would have happened to the Jewish people on the boat if the Germans would have found them?
They would have been killed or sent to concentration camps.
What was the name of Henrik's boat?
Why was Annemarie a hero?
She faced the soldiers without fear and faced the danger of losing the handkerchief and the package on the wa to Henrik's boat.
What was the resistance?
The group of people to stop the Nazis.
Why didn't the Germans like the resistance?
They would slow down production and make the Nazis feel uncomfortable.
Why is Annemarie planning on wearing Ellen's necklace?
The war was over and she could wear it to remember Ellen.
Why didn't Annemarie have her father fix the necklace a long time ago and wear it then?
She could be arrested if she asked for it to be fixed and wear it.
Explain and give examples of why the Danish people are to be looked upon as heroes for what they did during WWII.
The Danes hid 70,000 Jews and saved them.
What inspired Kim Malthe-Bruun to write the letter he did the day before his execution?
So his family and friends wouldn't grieve for him.
Explain the message Kim Malthe-Bruun wanted readers to leave with.
There are bad things in the world but the good will always overcome the evil.
Give some character traits of King Christian X.
1. King of Denmark
2. Serious, kind-faced
3. walks down streets of Copenhagen and greets his subjects with his horse, Jubilee
4. Loved by Denmark
List some character traits of Peter Neilsen.
1. Mailperson that brings the special paper.
2. Was supposed to marry Lise.
Who is Inge's brother?
Uncle Henrik
Who was Lise?
Annemarie's older, tall sister. She was quiet and soft-spoken. Died in an accident two weeks before marriage.
List 3 countries that were occupied by the Nazis.
Norway, Belgium, France
Was Sweden occupied?
No, it was free.
What is a kroner?