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Chapter 7 Section 2 pgs. 199-205


a period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases (after rev. war)

Shay's Rebellion

An uprising started by Daniel Shay's who lead over 1000 angry farmers who were trying to take over the Springfield MA arsenal
(Americans farmers were upset-couldn't pay debt, and wanted paper currency)

Causes of Depression

-Southern plantations were damaged in war- rice exports dropped
- The British closed Caribbean to US merchants
- Available money paid foreign debts, led to currency shortage


IN 1776 to 1778 all states but SC and GA outlawed or heavily taxed it
Freed African Americans faced discrimination
Southerners doubted economy could survive w/o slaves
Laws not taken seriously

Bill of Rights

-Proposed by George Mason
-people thought the gvt. would abuse their -power w/o it
-put down b/c delegates thought constitution was sufficient

Constitution Approved

Happend at Pennsylvania State House
9/13 states must approve


The freeing of individual enslaved persons

Edmund Randolph

Introduced VA Plan
did not signed Constitution draft

James Madison

"Father of Consitution"

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