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Blarina brevicauda

northern short-tailed shrew
Family: Soricidae

Cryptotis parva

North American least shrew
Family: Soricidae

Sorex cinereus

cinereus shrew
Family: Soricidae

Sorex fumeus

smoky shrew
Family: Soricidae

Sorex palustris

American water shrew
Family: Soricidae

Condylura cristata

star-nosed mole
Family: Talpidae

Neurotrichus gibbsii

Family: Talpidae

Parascalops breweri

hairy-tailde mole
Family: Talpidae

Scalopus aquaticus

eastern mole
Family: Talipdae

Dasypus novemcinctus

nine-banded armadillo
Family: Dasypodidae
ORDER: Cingulata

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