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  1. -orthopedic foundation of arthritic animals
  2. animals are so young, there is no way to know if they will develop DJD. It is best to have these animals sterilized at the same time
  3. B
  4. clinical efficacy is unknown, must intervene at an early age, little long term evidence, not fully investigated
  5. early/no DJD (young animals-5-10mo), advanced/arthritic (older patients)
  6. -cruciate ligament tear
    -lumbosacral dz

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  1. What are the benefits of OFA? What are the negatives?+= can certify as early as 8 weeks, more predictive of DJD
    -= less well known, all films must be submitted, must submit more than one radiograph


  2. What are some medical management options for patients with hip dysplasia?early/no DJD (young animals-5-10mo), advanced/arthritic (older patients)


  3. What are the benefits and negatives of PennHIP?benefit- widely known by breeders, easy to perform (hip extended VD view), may screen animals and not submit the rads
    negatives-must wait until 2 years old to certify animals, less predictive of DJD


  4. What are the advantages of using cementless THR versus cemented THR?cementless has decreased potential for infection, decreased loosening, better recovery


  5. Which procedure is very expensive, has the potential for serious complications, but can offer excellent function to the patient?
    A. TPO