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Progressivism - Reform Efforts

Dr. Cooper's US History Quiz on sections: 8.1 - Progressivism 8.2 - Suffrage and Prohibition 8.3 - Various Reform Efforts KEY: * = date included in answer or actual answer ** = personal wording of answer hint = additional and somewhat unnecessary information or help on answering question note: questions with more than one answer should be separated by a comma and if a date is included in the entire answer, then it is at the end

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1890 - 1920
How long did the Reform Movements last? *
Socialist and Progressive
Which two parties had only a progressive branch instead of both a conservative and progressive branch like the Democrats and Republicans had?
help poor by improving working and living conditions, end big businesses, improve government and end corruption, improve american life
What were some of the broad goals of the Progressives? **
improve American life by expanding democracy and by achieving economic and social justice
What was the most important and main goal of the Progressives? ** (hint: very broad)
Henry George, Progress and Poverty
Which radical intellectual of the Progressive movement believed that the wealthy had too much power and money so they should give some of it to the poor (like Robin Hood)? What was the name of his book?
Lester Frank Ward, Dynamic Sociology (1883)
Which radical intellectual was called the "Father of American Sociology" who not only disagreed with Social Darwinism and thought that government should interfere to improve society, but also believed that humans were different from animals because of their ability to change their future? What was the name of his book that stated these ideas? *
Realism / Naturalism
Which literary theme focused on oppression, suffering, and the sordid sides of the urban/industrial society of the late 1800s and early 1900s?
Social Gospel (spread religion), Salvation Army, YMCA
Which religious organizations were motivating forces for the Progressive movement? **
What was the nickname of the crusading journalist who published enlightening articles about real world problems such as the corruption of big businesses and child labor? (hint: two examples were "Collier's" and "McClure's")
Jacob Riis, How the Other Half Lives (1890)
Which muckraker published an eye opening collection of articles and photos that displayed the horrors of poverty? What was the name of his book?
Isa Tarbell, History of the Standard Oil Company (1904)
Which female muckraker published a book of her past articles which discussed the corrupted history of Rockefeller's company? What was the book called?
Lincoln Steffens, The Shame of the Cities (1903)
Which muckraker published a collection of articles discussing the corruption of the governments in most cities? What was his book called?
Women's Rights Convention (NY 1848)
Which convention was held by leaders of the suffrage movement who wanted to not only improve the general rights and treatment of women, but also gain the right to vote for women? (hint: it was attended by both women and men) *
Alice Paul
Which suffragette started the National Woman's Party in 1916 and tried to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, but got many of her very radical tactics from women's rights activists in Britain?
National Woman's Party (1916)
Which women's rights group was formed by the radical suffragette Alice Paul? *
Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Which two women were the main leaders of the suffragette movement?
Equal Rights Amendment
What amendment did Alice Paul try to pass that would guarantee women's rights?
Carrie Chapman Catt
Which suffragette started the National American Woman Suffrage Association in 1890 which ended up becoming very successful and having 2 million members by 1917?
National American Woman Suffrage Association (1890)
Which suffrage organization was formed by Carrie Chapman Catt as a combination of the NWSA and the AWSA and became very successful? *
President Woodrow Wilson
Which President initially disagreed with women's rights at first but eventually supported them after seeing them fight in the war? (hint: it was a big part of his campaign in the election of 1916)
19th Amendment (1920)
Which amendment was passed with the help of President Woodrow Wilson and finally gave woman the right to vote? *
have moderation in alcohol use by making people sign a pledge, getting rid of alcohol use with governmental law
What is the difference between temperance and prohibition? **
Women's Christian Temperance Union (1873)
Which temperance organization that eventually evolved into prohibition and was formed by a group of protestant Christians who were very passionate, militant, and agressive? (hint: included members such as Carrie Nation) *
Carrie Nation
Who was the member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union who, along with some of the other members, who performs acts of protests such as destroying inside of various saloons and then laying in front of them so people couldn't get in?
Anti-Saloon League (1893)
Which organization was formed by a group of men who were tired of governmental officials using saloons to make bribes, but was eventually joined by rural Protestants of fundamentalist churches who supported prohibition and saw alcoholism as a sin? *
the Protestant Church in action
What was the slogan of the Anti-Saloon League?
wanted sober and productive workers, needed grain for food instead of alcohol, didn't want to support Germans who started breweries in the US
What were some of the reasons that the government and business owners supported prohibition and wanted to stop the consumption and distribution of alcohol? **
18th Amendment (1919)
Which amendment states that it is illegal to manufacture, sell, or transport intoxicating beverages, but never says anything about not drinking them? (hint: it is the only amendment that actually takes away freedom instead of providing it) *
National Woman Suffrage Association
Which New York based suffrage organization was run by Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and wanted to pass a Constitutional Amendment that would grant women the right to vote?
American Woman Suffrage Association
Which Boston based suffrage organization was run by Lucy Stone and had the goal of convincing state legislatives that women should have the right to vote?
Lucy Stone
Who was the leader of the American Woman Suffrage Association?
pass constitutional amendment, convince state legislatives
What was the goal of the National Woman Suffrage Association versus the goal of the American Woman Suffrage Association? **
both houses of congress and 3/4 of states
Who all has to approve a proposed amendment before it can actually be approved? **
democratic reform
What was the main strategy for the governmental reform by the progressives? (hint: they were trying to make the government part of a certain party)
direct primary / primary election
What was the name of the reform that gave the people the power to nominate people for elective offices instead of only letting a small number of men choose? (hint: people vote for nominee of their party and these nominees go head-to-head in a general election)
What type of reform gives the people the power to make laws?
make a petition for a law and if enough people approve then it is put on the ballot at the next election so the people can decide if it will be a law
How do initiatives (people making their own laws) work? **
recall election
What is the type of the reform that gives the people the power to remove an elected official from office?
make a petition and if 25% sign it then a special election is held to decide if they should impeach the official
How does a recall election work when the people want to remove an elected official from office? **
17th Amendment (1913)
Which amendment gave the people the power to elect senators, even though the state legislature thought the general public wasn't smart enough to elect senators? *
Robert La Follette
Which progressive Republican was the governor of Wisconsin for three terms and was so successful at making Wisconsin a model state that he eventually became a senator? *
Woodrow Wilson
Which progressive Democrat was the governor of New Jersey as well as the president of Princeton University and eventually becomes president of the United States?
make government more efficient, attack corruption in government, democratic reforms
How did the Progressives plan to reform the government? **
Jane Addams
Which important woman progressive started the first settlement house in the US, Hull House in Chicago, after seeing various settlement houses in London?
Hull House, Chicago (1889)
What was the first settlement home in the US that was started by Jane Addams and offered a wide range of services to immigrants? Where was it located?
social work
What new profession was opened to women after their various reforms against issues such as child labor, protective legislation for women and children, and factory safety laws?
Niagara Movement (1906)
What meeting was organized by DuBois regarding current race relation when they were forced to hold the meeting in Canada after they were denied access to an American hotel because of their race? *
NAACP (1909)
What was the reform group formed by blacks with the help of concerned whites as well as the leadership of DuBois? (hint: he was the editor of the organization's newspaper, "The Crisis") *
Triangle Shirtwaist Company (NYC 1911)
Which company had a huge fire on Saturday 30 minutes before the women were supposed to clock out and was considered to be one of the worse industrial tragedies ever? (hint: no one could escape because the doors were chained shut and there were inadequate fire escape) *
worker's compensation laws
Which laws stated that companies had to buy insurance for their workers so that if a worker got hurt or died on the job, their family would get compensation?
16th Amendment (1913)
Which amendment finally created an income tax for Americans and went up to as high as 6% for extremely wealthy people, such as Andrew Carnegie? (hint: now it is 35%) *