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8th grade history review part 1


Two philosophers from the ____ greatly influenced our form of government.

natural rights

John Locke believed in ______ _____ including life, liberty and property.

separation of powers

Montesquieu believed in __ __ __such as our three branches of government.

Great Awakening

The ___ ___ was a religious movement that spread through the colonies.

political equality

During the Great Awakening colonists began asking for more ___ ___, independence and democracy.


America borrowed the idea of ____ from Greece.


America borrowed the idea of a _______ form of government from Rome

Magna Carta

To limit the king's power, the English nobles required King John to sign the _____ _____.

monarchs or kings

The Magna Carta states that ________ have to obey the laws too.

English Bill of Rights

The ____ __ ___ _____ was created to limit the power of the monarch and led to the idea of sharing power between the King and the English Parliament.


Thomas Jefferson's Virginia's Statue for _______ Freedom


Virginia's Statue for Religious Freedom said that people should not be forced to follow a particular religion, contribute ____ to a particular religion or be punished for a particular religious belief.

Common Sense

Thomas Paine's political pamphlet ____ ____ convinced many colonists to join the fight for independence from England.


No taxation without ____ was a colonial response to the taxes being forced on them to pay off Britains' war debt.

Mayflower Compact

The ____ ____ was an early attempt at self-government by the colonists.

social contract

An agreement by the people to set up a government and obey its laws is called a ___ ____.

popular sovereignty

_____ _____ is the idea that political power belongs to the people and government will follow the desires of the people

Navigation Acts

The ___ ___ were passed by the English Parliament in support of mercantilism, which is a system of creating and maintaining wealth through controlled trade.

Stamp Act

The ___ ___ was the first attempt by the Parliament to directly tax the colonists and led to protests including the Boston Massacre.


After dealing with Britain, American colonists wanted a _____ central government.

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