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What is most government involvement in family support concerned about?
Women and children in poverty, elderly
Until the depression in the United States, how did the government feel about intervening in family affairs?
Independent unit- not involved in family's lives
What Supreme Court decision ruled that women had the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy by abortion?
Roe vs. Wade 1973
What family model do Conservatives favor?
Bread-winner homemaker model
Since the mid-20th century, what reason (s) made it possible for women to live full lives outside of marriage?
Gains in the labor market provide for an independent income, the availability of welfare, and birth control pill
Who are those considered to be the most undeserving poor in our country?
Able-bodied, unemployed men.
How much governmental assistance do most families receive (including middle class families)?
yes they get it. (That's literally what she said on Friday after she said she never asked us about specific numbers. So who knows what the question or answer will be tomorrow! I think her how point is to prove that middle class families receive government assistance, not just lower income families.)
Which advocates maintain that the rise of the dual-earner couple has created a harried lifestyle that should be eased for the sake of parents and children?
On the basis of current statistics, are women more likely to remarry than men?
According to statistics, men are more likely to remarry than women. Women may be less attractive to potential spouses. Given the norm that wives should be younger than their husbands, older women face a shrinking marriage market. They are expected to marry from the diminishing pool of older single men, whereas men can choose from the expanding pool of younger women.
What is the stepparent most likely to integrate into the stepfamily called?
intimate outsider.
How does Cherlin describe life in step families?
Incomplete institution
What is one of the critical factors determining whether a child considers a stepparent a "real" parent?
The age of the child
What is one unexpected benefit of remarriage?
More people there to raise the child- more family
Who generally wins in many court cases where biological parents have contested the right of stepparents to raise children living with them?
Legal adoption or biological parent keeps them
What groups do remarriage rates tend to be lower for?
Lower class
What are several factors that increase the likelihood of a stepparent's being able to act toward a child much as a biological parent would?
Age of the child, relationship between step parent and biological parent, relationship between the child and the non-residential parent
How have the practices of the course system in the United States been with the increasing numbers of remarriages and subsequent stepfamilies?
Slowly adjusting with the times
What are the official reasons for divorce in the era of divorce tolerance?
Mental cruelty, adultery, and failure to provide love and companionship
Why were men more likely to be granted a divorce based on adultery than women in the era of restricted divorce?
Economics (money)
What is the arrangement whereby divorced parents coordinate their activities and cooperate with each other in raising their children?
Cooperative parenting