Art, Architecture, Sculpture of classical greece

original bronze sculpture, ca. 510, assassination of harmodius and aristogeiton
the Tyranniciades
Idealism: classical style was based on the ideals of ___, ___, ___, ___, ___ in all things
reason, moderation, symmetry, balance, and harmony
What are 3 examples in Democracy
the Tyranniciades, Achilles armor, Stoa
What are three examples of Greek supremacy?
Athenian, Centaur Frieze, Amazon
Discobolos, Delphi the Charioteer, and Columns are 3 examples of what idealistic expression?
the supremacy of man
Name the 3 types of columns and how to distinguish one from another
The Doric: they have no distinctive base and simple capitols, Doric columns were based on the ration of a man's foot length to his height; Ionic: defined base, curled capitol, female measurements, and more slender; Corinthian: most ornate capitol, ++ Romans
This is a stepped entrance into the Acropolis, surrounded by temples such as the temple to Athena Nike.
Temple dedicated to Athena and Poseidon after the Persians sacked Athens in 480
Constructed with the illusion of symmetry when viewed from below. It showed perfect order; the metopes, friezes, and pediments were not created to be viewed at eye level; the intended audience was divine
This vase depicts a quarrel between Oedisius and Ajax over possession of armor; Athena stands as a judge
Achilles armor
An elongated colonnade designed to provide shelter from the elements. Symbol of civic obligation. All Athenians duty to congregate and take part in Athenian political life.
the Stoa
A red figure water jug depicts the murder of Priam wtih the mutilated body of Astianax, Hectors son.
made of marble; Persians were horse loving war; the Greeks portrayed Persians as beasts in battle
Centaur Frieze
Bronze original; the beauty of the human was elevated; the glory of athletic prowess was emphasized; emphasis on the order and symmetry on human form
the use of bronze instead of marble allowed for greater detail and fluidity of form; hollowed bronze figures allowed for a larger scope of postures
Delphi Charioteer
This type of column has no distinctive base and a simple capitol; based on male measurements;
Most ornate columns; used more by Romans than Greeks