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Geocultura Santo Domingo

City founded
Founded by
Cristopher Columbus
La FOrtaleza de Ozama
oldest military fort in Americas
El Faro a Colon
monument in honor of Columbus. Built in the form ofa cross, cultral center
El locrio dominicano
rise and meat dish similar to paella
Habichuelas con dulce
traditional Dominicanan dessert with beans
Los Tres Ojos
park with clear lakes below ground level
indigenous leader who faught against the Europeans in the 15th century
La Trinitaria
national flower of the Dominican Republic
La Bachata
social gathering;type of music, reflects rural themes and low class people.
Instruments in la bachata
bongo, congos, drums, etc.
cuidad nueva
first neighborhood built outside the colonial center of town
El merengue
national dance of the D.R. Mix of European and African elements