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The Heart

hollow, coned shape, muscular pump, located in the thoracic cavity, resting on the diaphragm
Description of the heart
located within the mediastinum, bordered laterally by the lungs, posteriorly by the vertebral column, anteriorly by the sternum
Describe the location of the heart: Located? Bordered? Posteriorly? Anteriorly?
cardiovascular system
Most important system to sustain life; helps remove waste; transports blood between the body cells and organs
Outer sac that encloses the heart at the proximal ends of the large blood vessels to which it attaches
made up of dense fibrous connective tissue, attached to central portion of the diaphragm
What is the pericardium made up of and where is it attached?
endocardium, myocardium, epicardium
The 3 walls of the heart: from the inside out
left and right Atria, left and right ventricles
4 chambers of the heart
The upper chambers of the heart
The lower chambers of the heart
Carry blood under relatively high pressure away from the heart to the arterioles
Carry blood under low pressure from the venule back to the heart
Connects arteries to capillaries
Provides a membrane with nutrients and gasses between blood and tissue fluid
Connects a capillary to a vein and returns back to the heart
Disease caused by the build up of bad cholesterol and the artery gets clogged; the hardening and thickening of the walls; it needs blood to flow through it for the contraction or the strength of the artery
myocardial infarction
Another name for heart attack
heart attack
A type of stress in the heart and or lack of oxygenated blood (blood pumped in the heart, passed by the lungs)
the valves of the heart are opening where blood is transferred for blood to get through the rest of the body
What happens when the heart beats?
tricuspid, pulmonary, bicuspid, aortic
4 valves of the heart
heart murmur
Back flush of blood through any of the valves
blood pressure
Amount of pressure on the artery when blood starts to go through
systolic blood pressure
Top number of blood pressure
diastolic blood pressure
Bottom number of blood pressure
When there is a blood clot in an artery
Blood clot that is floating; chances are that it will get stuck wherever there is a narrowing of an artery or arteriole
When there is a lack of oxygen in the brain or when the heart can't pump enough blood or oxygen to the brain
Inflammation of the pericardium (which is the sac outside of the heart)
cardiac cycle
When the chambers of the heart contract; heart valves open and close
electro cardio ground
How they take a measurement rate of your heart
2 different types of cholesterol in the blood that are attached to proteins in the heart
high-density-limpo protein; good cholesterol
low-density-limpo protein; bad cholesterol
stroke volume
The amount of blood that surges through an artery when the heart beats or when there is a contraction
When a person has high blood pressure