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Ralative to clocks in a statonary reference frame, clocks in a miving reference frame run
Clocks on a spaceship moving very fast relative to the Earth run slow when viewed from
the Earth
Harry takes a space voyage and eturns to find his twin sister has aged more than he has. This is evidence they have been in different
all of these
According to special relativity, one can travel at increased rates
only forward in time
A woman standing on the ground sees a rocket ship move past her at 95% the speed of light. Compared to when the rocket is at rest, the woman measures the rocket's length as
According to Einstein's special theory of relativity,
both of these
When an object is pushed to relativistic speeds, its momentum is
greater than mv
Objects accelerated to relativistic speeds
gain momentum
Suppose you look at the huge clock on the Big Ben Tower in London and it reads 12 noon. If you could travel away from the clock as the speed of light and view it with a telescope, it would
be frozen at 12 noon
A spaceship that is traveling very fast with respect to your frame of reference, fires a photon beam the travels at speed c with respect to the spaceship. You measure the photon beam's speed to be
equ to c
According to the special theory of relativity, if you measure your own pulse while traveling at very high speeds, you would notice your pulse rate to
be the same as usual
If you were to travel at speed close to the speed of light, you would notice that your own
none of these
Compared to the density of an object in a rest frame, the density of the same object moving at
slower than hers
Suppose you and your sister travel in space in such a way that you notice ta slowing of time for your sister. Tour sister will notice that your time runs
slower than hers
Accordong to relstivity theory, if a space trip finds a son or daughter biologically older than his or her parents, then the space trip is taken by the
The stretching out of time due to motion is called time
You and a friend share the same space time when there is no
relative velocity between you
According to the special theory of relativity, all laws of nature are the same in reference frames that
move at constant velocity.