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Head to Toe Assessment Checklist

7 Systems
Head & Neck
Inspect scalp
Palpate skull
Palpate TMJ
Inspect face
Inspect neck
Palpate lymph nodes
Palpate trachea
Palpate thyroid
Perform neck ROM
Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Throat
Inspect external eye structures
Palpate frontal sinus
Palpate maxillary sinus
Inspect throat
Inspect ear
Palpate ear
Whisper test
Inspect thoracic cage
Palpate chest expansion
Tactile fremitus
Percuss lungs
Auscultate lungs
Cardiac & Peripheral Vascular
Inspect pericardium - heaves
Palpate carotid arteries
Auscultate carotid arteries
Palpate apical pulse
Auscultate heart sounds
Palpate dorsalis pedis
Palpate lower extremities - edema
Inspect abdomen - pulsation
Auscultate for bruits
Auscultate bowel sounds
Percuss abdomen
Palpate abdomen
Confrontation test
6 Cardinal Positions of Gaze
Bicep strength
Pain perception
Patellar reflex
Balance test - Romberg / gait-walking
Inspect shoulder
Palpate shoulder
Abduct shoulder
Adduct shoulder
Rotate shoulder inward
Rotate shoulder outward
Flex shoulders
Extend shoulders
Inspect knee
Palpate knee
Flex knee
Extend knee