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Lecture Quiz 5 (Chapter 9)

Aerobic exercise results in all of the following EXCEPT
Increased size and strength of existing muscle cells.
Characteristics of isometric contractions include all but
Hypothetically, if a muscle were stretched to the point where thick and thin filaments no longer overlapped, ________.
No muscle tension could be generated.
What is the role of calcium ions in muscle contraction?
Bind to regulatory sites on troponin to remove contraction inhibition
Which of the following statements is false or incorrect?
Cardiac muscle fibers depend mostly on anaerobic cellular respiration to generate ATP.
Which of the following statements is true?
Striated muscle cells are long and cylindrical with many nuclei.
The muscle cell membrane is called the
What is the functional unit of a skeletal muscle called?
A sarcomere
A smooth, sustained contraction resulting from very rapid stimulation of the muscle in which no evidence of relaxation is seen, is called
fused tetanus
Most skeletal muscles contain ________.
A mixture of fiber types
The site where the motor nerve impulse is transmitted from the nerve endings to the skeletal muscle cell membranes are the
neuromuscular junctions
Myglobin has a special function in muscle tissues because it
holds a reserve supply of oxygen in the muscle
Which of the following is not a way muscle contractions can be graded?
Changing the type of muscle fibers involved in the contraction
Contraction elicited by a single bried stimulus is called
Which of the following is not a usual result of resistance exercise?
Increase in the number of muscle cells
What structure in skeletal muscle cells functions in calcium storage?
sarcoplasmic reticulum