Math vocab pt 2

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a closed plane figure with at least three straight sides
Not a polyhedron
cylinder, cone, sphere
face of a polyhedron
A flat surface of a polyhedron
edge of a polyhedron
a line segment where the faces of a polyhedron intersect
vertex of a polyhedron
the intersection of three edges of a polyhedron
Bases of a prism or cylinder
two parallel congruent faces of the solid
bases of a pyramid or cone
the face of the solid opposite the vertex of the solid
A polyhedron with two parallel congruent faces called bases,connected by parallelogram
A polyhedron with a polygon base and three or more triangular faces that meet at a common vertex
A solid figure with two congruent and parallel circular bases connected by curved surface
a solid with a circular base connected by a curved surface to a single vertex
set of all points called the center of the sphere. No faces,edges,or vertices
a geometric solid having four sides that are equilateral triangles
a solid figure with six plane faces
any polyhedron having eight plane faces