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Faith is what?
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The church is a mystery because why?It can never be fully expressed from any single view point. Her nature can never be grasped. It is the joining of humane and divine.The church is what in relation to salvation history?The culmination of Salvation History where humans can share in the divine lifeThe bride of Christ is what?The ChurchThe things in the church that will not and cannot change are what?Constitution(structure), Dogma, and ethicWho established the Churches basic structure?It was established by jesus when he chose the 12 apostles and promised to stay with them until the end of time.The magisterium is what?The teaching authority of the church.The ethic of the church is rooted in what?Our understanding of God revealed in Jesus.Why was Christianity originally rejected by the Roman Empire?It was believed to be anti-social, barbaric, intellectually wanting, and likely to anger the Roman Gods.One of the main attractions of the pre-Constantine Church was what?Its kindness and charity to those in need.What happened to Christianity when the Barbarian invasions swept Europe?Many tribal leaders adopted christianity as a sign and means of civilizations.The Council of Trent rejected the idea of doctrine-based scripture alone, why?Because there were others that should be accepted and Tradition of the Church also had authority.What is salvation History?The story of God's saving action in human history.What did the Law of the Old Testament do?Held the Israelite community together so that it could obey God's will and avoid the bondage of sin.Our individual personalities are what?Gifts from GodWe have been Chosen by God because why?We are the Chosen Race and because of God's great love for us.To rule as Jesus did means what?To rule through service and self-sacrifice.The priesthood of the baptized calls all Christians to do what?To concentrate the world to God.The Council of Jerusalem decreed that Gentile christians must obey what?Gentile Christians must obey only some of the Jewish laws. No Christian should eat meat from a sacrificed animal, eat meat from a strangled animal or blood, partake in illicit sexual activity.What did the lapsed Christians present a problem in the early church?Offering sacrifice to false gods was seen as a total abandonment of one's baptismal promises.The Council of Trent said that membership in the Church depends on what?Both faith and works.What is the Catholic understanding of truth?Both religious truth and scientific truth are objective.What does the catholic Church teach about the Bible?The Bible is normative for all Catholic faith and theologyThe interpretation of scripture should be done where?Be done within the community which is the body of Christ.Irenaeus established the basic Catholic understanding of what?Human progress is part of God's plan for creation.Clement of Alexandra saw faith and reason as what?saw faith and reason as a single whole.Catholics are expected to adhere to what?All of the teachings of the Church except those which specifically violate their conscience.Benedict's contribution to monasticism was what?The establishment of his Rule, which was based on strict discipline without unnecessary harsh punishment.Why were the mendicant orders established?Developed to travel with the poor and minister to their needs, including teaching them the faith through words and actions.Catholics in colonial America did what?Catholics wholeheartedly wanted freedom of religion. Europeans didn't want it.The Catholic Church teaches that God interacts with us through what?God interacts with us through the physical world.The sacraments make God present to us through what?Are the people, events, and things which always make God present to us.What is the first sacrament of Christ?The church.What does the liturgy of the church do?Transforms us, gives us grace to transform the world, and makes us participants in a world in which wrong has been righted.The sacraments of the church do what to people?Define us of community which does what Jesus did.What is the history of baptism?Baptism was closely tied to Easter in the early centuries of the Church. It was limited to life and deathWhat was the original order of the sacraments of initiation? When was it changed?Baptism, confirmation, eucharist, 1905.The council of Trent saw confirmation as what?The Sacrament which gave strength to the grace of baptism and gave the person the strength to fight evil.From the first century the Eucharist was understood to be what?A meal which formed people into the new people of GodWhat did early Christians believe about the Eucharist?"the source and summit of the Christian life" and it is "the culmination both of God's action sanctifying the world in Christ and of the worship [we] offer to Christ and through him to the Father in the Holy Spirit"