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CGS100 Excel

An Excel document is called a
The individual pages of an Excel document are called
A ________ is formatted as a pattern of uniformly spaced horizontal rows and vertical columns.
A ________ is created when a row and a column intersect
The ________ allows the user to enter or edit the value or formula contained in the active cell.
Formula Bar
The ________ allow(s) the worksheet to be split into two vertical views of the same worksheet.
Vertical Window Split
The ________ displays the name of the selected cell, table, chart, or object.
Name Box
The current cell mode, the page number, and the view and zoom buttons are displayed on the?
Status Bar
Anything a user types into a cell is known as
Cell Content
A text value is also known as a
The ________ is outlined in black and is ready to accept data.
Active Cell
________ generates and extends a series of values into adjacent cells based on the values of other cells.
Auto Fill
The ________ feature fills in the remaining characters of a word if what is typed matches an existing entry in the column.
Auto Complete
The small black square in the lower right corner of a selected cell is called the
Fill Handle
A group of items that come one after another in succession is called
A series
Two or more cells that Excel treats as a single unit is called a
The data that the user sees in a cell is called the
Displayed Value
The Formula Bar displays the data known as the
Underlying Value
A prewritten formula known as a(n) ________ looks at one or more values, performs an operation, and returns a value
All Excel formulas begin with which symbol?
The result of a formula is displayed in the active cell, and the ________ is displayed in the Formula Bar.
Underlying Value
Excel's ________ command creates one cell out of the selected cells and centers the contents within the new cell.
Merge & Center
________ are defined as sets of formatting characteristics, such as font, font size, font color, cell borders, and cell shading.
Cell Styles
The ________ inserts a thousand comma separator when appropriate, inserts a fixed U.S. dollar sign aligned at the left edge of the cell, applies two decimal places, and provides space for negative numbers to be displayed inside of parenthese
Comma Style
For data to be more easily understood, it can be presented in a ________ instead of a table of numbers.
Tiny charts embedded in cells that show a visual trend alongside the data are called
Labels that display along the bottom of a chart to identify the category of the data are called
Category Labels
On an Excel chart, the ________ identifies the patterns or colors that are assigned to all the categories in the chart.
Values that originate in a worksheet that are to be charted are called
Data Points
A data marker, such as a column, dot, or pie slice on a chart, represents a single
Data points
In an Excel chart, a ________ is made up of related data points.
Data Series
Each worksheet is identified by the ________ found along the lower border of the Excel window
Sheet Tabs
To widen a column to fit the cell content of the widest cell in the column, the user should utilize
In ________, Excel maximizes the number of cells visible on the screen.
Normal View
Which is the Excel operator for multiplication?
Which is the Excel operator for division?
Excel uses ________ to perform basic mathematical operations
Arithmetic Operators
Which is the Excel operator for exponentiation?
Absolute cell references are indicated by using what symbol in the cell address?
The ________ visually indicates which workbook cells are included in a formula calculation.
The process of specifying the appearance of cells and the overall layout of a worksheet is called
A ________ shows the relationship of each part of the data to the whole.
Pie Char
A(n) ________ refers to a cell by its fixed position in the worksheet.
A(n) ________ refers to a cell by its fixed position in the worksheet
Absolute Cell Reference
A cell address used in a formula using a(n) ________ will be adjusted appropriately when the formula is copied to another cell.
Relative Cell Reference
A ________ is a value that originates in a worksheet cell and is represented in a chart
Data Marker
Each pie slice displayed on a pie chart is an example of a
Data Marker
On a pie chart, the ________ determines the size of each pie slice.
The ________ identifies patterns and colors assigned to categories in the chart.
A workbook sheet that contains only a chart is called a(n)
Chart Sheet
One way to tell which slice of pie on a pie chart goes with which set of data is to look at the
An image that appears to have length, width, and depth is said to be
Applying the shape effect ________ causes the edges of a shape to appear to be curved or angled.
) To ________ one or more slices on a pie chart means to pull the slice(s) away from the rest of the chart.
) Why would you explode a slice on a pie chart?
To emphazise the slice to the person viewing the chart
In Excel, the ________ is made up of the chart and all of its elements
Chart Area
A movable, resizable container where text or graphics can be placed is called a
Text box
A gallery of text styles that can be used to apply decorative effects to text is
Word Art
Goal Seek is an example of a ________ tool.
What-If Analysis
Excel's ________ finds the input needed in one cell for another cell to have a desired value
Goal Seek
When calculating the amount of increase, the ________ is the starting point for the data.
The ________ is the percent by which one number increases over another during a specified time frame.
Percentage Rate of increase
) The percentage rate of increase is calculated by using this formula: ________.
Base*Amount of increase
Value after increase is calculated by using this formula: ________.
Base*Percent for new value
Percent for new value is calculated using this formula: ________.
Changing a value in a cell to see what effect it has on values in other cells that are calculated using the value is said to be doing a
What-If analysis
If you want to chart trends over time, you should use a ________ chart.
A(n) ________ is a line that borders the chart plot area and serves as a frame of reference for measurement.
On a line chart, the x-axis is also known as the
Category Axis
On a line chart, the y-axis is also known as the
Value Axis
On a line chart, the range of numbers for the data points are displayed on the
On a line chart, the area that identifies the categories of data is called the
________ are short lines that appear on an axis at regular intervals.
Tick Marks
The spacing between tick marks is determined by the ________.
Major Value Unit
Excel's ________ allows you to select a chart element so that you can format it.
Chart Element Box
A predefined formula is called a
The values that an Excel function uses to perform operations are called
Excel's ________ function finds the middle value in a range
Which Excel function would be used to find the middle value of a list of test scores?
Which Excel function would be used to calculate the total points a student earned on a series of tests?
The Excel function ________ would be used to find the lowest score on a series of student test scores.
Excel's ________ function adds all of its arguments then divides the sum by the number of arguments.
The ________ function adds all of the numbers in a range of cells.
Excel's ________ function finds the largest value in a selected range of cells.
The functions AVERAGE and MEDIAN are examples of ________ functions, which are useful when the user needs to analyze a group of measurements.
MIN and MAX are examples of ________ functions
If a cell's width is too narrow to properly display the numeric contents of the cell, Excel displays a series of ________ symbols.
Functions that test for a specific condition are called ________ functions.
IF is an example of a ________ function
The COUNTIF function takes two arguments:
The ________ function counts the number of cells within a range that meet a certain criteria.