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When was the great plague
how many died in 1665
Why so terrifying
it killed people so quickly
what was nailed to the door of the infected people inside
a large red cross
What caused the plague
some believed poisonous air, others blamed farm animals, but it was actually bacteria found on black cats
how did it spread
fleas bit rats, then bites humans, then humans spread through sneezing, coughing, spluttering
what was it like to live through the plague
fear, people wore oversized clothing when working with the patients, doors were marked
remedies of the plague
ranged from drinking fine wines or eating toads to bathing in milk. carrying flowers and herbs to "scare" away the smells would help
clothing wore by those that treated the victims/patients of the plague
a mask, a wide brimmed black hat, a wooden cane, leather trousers, a long, black overcoat
what were the symptoms of the plague
swellings, and fever
plague orders
put on doors to show the sick people.... a red cross on the door.