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This is a study guide for The alien and Sedition acts.

They were afraid of foreign influence (foreign people. and they wanted to weaken the Jefferson party

Why did Adams and Congress want to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts?

Nationlized Act, Alien Enemies Act ,Aliens friends Act, and the Sedition Act

The alien and Sedition Acts consisted of 4 seperate Acts. What were they?

Made it longer to be a citizen

What was the Nationlized Act?

that all male citizens of an enemy nation could be arrested, detained, and deported.

What was the Alien Enemies Act?

anytime the president can deport any non-citizen

What was the Alien friends Act?

who spoke out against the government

What was the Sedition Act?

First Amendments of the Bill of Rights

What did the Democrat-Republicans say the Sedition Act violated?


Who were the Sedition Acts aimed at?

The president was a federlist and he didnt like the anti-federlists and he didnt want people to say negative thing about him

Why might the Sedition Acts been aimed at this group?

They couldnt published anything negtive about the government

What effect did the Sedition Acts have on Democrat-Republican newspapers?

The Anti-federlist won the election and the federlist was out

What was the peoples reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts in the election of 1800?

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