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Open questions

Questions such as 'how are you?', which allow the respondent to expand and go into more depth in the answer.

Closed questions

Questions such as 'are you ok?', which only allow the respondent to give a one word, usually yes/no answer.

Strengths of questionnaires

-bigger sample of people
- cheaper
- confidential- may give you more honest answers

Weaknesses of questionnaires

- can't see emotion through idiolect & body language
- people might lie for social desirability etc.
- might get the 'screw you' effect
- misleading info, not everyone will return it

Structured interviews

Read out a questionnaire, following the same questions each time to compare the results

Semi-structured interviews

Some structure, but not sticking to the exact same questions

Unstructured interviews

You know what you're going to talk about, but not sure how the conversation will go

Advantages of interviews

- Non verbal communication, more info on how they were feeling
- Better for sensitive topics

Disadvantages of interviews

-Can take a long time and difficult to analyse
-Demand characteristics, less able to be honest
-Bias in the way that people ask questions differently etc.

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