History of Surgery: Chapter 1 & The Surgical Patient: Chapter 3

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Scope of practiceThe parameters by which a caregiver practices according to state and federal law; codes and standards of a specific professional organization, and institutional policies and procedures.VesaliusWho was the father of modern gross anatomy?ProprietaryA ___ is owned and operated for profit.CompetencyQualified and capable to perform; measured by a test of skill.SpiritualWhich patient need consists of the need or activity that relates to identification and understanding of ones place in the universe?PsychologicalWhich patient need consists of the need related to understanding and identification of oneself including the feeling of belonging?PhysiologicalOf the five levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, which is the most applicable to the surgical patient?DeathWhat is a common fear of school-age children related to general anesthesia?DepressionA major concern when treating geriatric patients requiring additional emotional support by the surgical team member is:JACHOWhich organization requires surgery departments to maintain operative records that record the perioperative care given to all surgical patients?Safety needsAccording to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the patient that trusts the surgical team and their abilities is satisfying ___ ___.Separation of parentsA common fear of pediatric patients that the surgical technologist must address is ___ __ ___.